Friday, the 13th…. ooooo

I love Friday.  It is even better when it falls on the 13th.  This year I am extra happy because there are three Friday’s that will fall on the 13th. The next on is in November.

There are many people out there that do not like Friday the 13ths.  I am not one of them.

“Why?” You may ask.


Please hide under the bed and avoid electronics (they could be possessed by demons) I will enjoy the day without you.

I work in customer service.  The superstitious people usually stay home and do not venture out when bad luck is around.  This means fewer customers with questions, better parking and you know who the “cool” people are.  They are enjoying the day with you.

Here is my doodle to support those who choose to stay home on Friday the 13th.  Thank you for making my day better.



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