On the Right Foot

Today was a surprisingly good day.  Which means no fodder for office humor comic style doodles.

No biggie.  I have plenty of stuff to work on.


Right Foot Forward. What was I thinking when I did this? All wrong, WRONG!!
Going to have to practice more

Today is a wonderful sample on why it is important to take your time and double check things before you add the permanent lines.

Her feet are HUGE!  I do not think she could walk if she wanted to.  Maybe Sideshow Bob (Simpson’s) was her father or something.  I have no clue what was going through my head (or not going through my head.)  I also have no clue what happened to her right leg.  It is an amorphous blobby leg thing… I don’t know…

On the plus side, the torso, head and arms are all in the right proportions.  Which is usually a challenge for me.

I did discover that I do not really like the .05 Copic Multiliner pen.  I press to hard and it leaves indentations.  The ink flow (on this one anyway) is to varied.  I think my pen of choice is Micron.

We will keep on trying!

It will happen one day.


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