Slippery Words

I was going to draw the “dogs barking” bit from yesterdays post.  Buuuuuuut, my brain got stuck on what it takes to write a good blog post.

There are two types of people that I envy.  The first are musicians, I cannot play an instrument or sing. The second are story tellers. I may be able to draw and paint, knit, sew, and a myriad of other artsy things, but I cannot tell a story.  I envy story tellers the most.

When I get an idea for a drawing or painting, I do not usually have a story behind it.  Most of the time I find, think or wonder about something that I think will look interesting and make it happen.  I do not think about why the objects are in the image.  I do not think about who or what could have put them there.  I draw what is there (somewhere in my head it is there, I swear.)  No story or reason, it just is.

The same thing kind of happens with my blog posts.

My brain will get stuck on an idea and try to paint it with words.  There is a lot of mental revision before I can even understand where I am going with an idea.  There is a lot of inner commentary “that is stupid,” “what good is that line?” “where are you going with that?” before I get to a solid idea of my topic.

This post started out as a “words are hard” post.  On my way home it became a post about slippery words and why I have few deep and meaningful posts.  Then it morphed into this, a post about… whatever this is… words and fish, I think.


Slippery, fishy words

Words are slippery for me.  They move and change as I try to use them.  They swim about my head and refuse to come out when I need them.  Other times they slip out when I am trying to talk about something else.  They break through the nets I cast about to catch them and other times to many will get caught.  Fishing lines get tangled and words that are wrong are reeled in.

Drawing is much easier to me.  I can draw what I see, feel and think.  It is all metaphors and interpretations based of life.  Pictures can tell you what I am thinking much better than my slippery words can.

Words are slippery.


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