Made It!

You have survived another week. Good for you!

Today I drew a Cheerleader to cheer you on.



Happy Friday! You made it!

This is probably the best full person I have drawn since I took life drawing in college, many years ago.  Definitely the best I have done with pen and ink.  I think she is quite stiff.  The reference photo I used was a girl posing in mid air, she was a bit stiff also.  This is also my first drawing of an African American female figure.  I was really worried about over coloring the skin.  I will have to work on that more so I can have a bit more realism in future drawings.

Everyday that I draw something I come to the conclusion that pen and ink is hard.  It takes lots of practice and I would rather paint.  The only way to get better is to keep at it.  I will become better at painting if I get better at drawing.

I like to think I am getting a teeny bit better every week.

Happy Friday!

See you Monday!


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