I should be resting…

I should still be resting after ECCC, taking it easy and going to bed early.  As my Doctor points out “Your not 20 anymore.”



Old firebox on the exterior of an old building I walked past today. I love the small amount of the red left. The emblem for the maker is still very clear.

Today I walked 7 miles total.  It felt really good to walk around at my own pace.  Not the half steps of the packed convention hall or the rushed strides I do at work.  I even took a few nice cellphone pics.

Tonight’s drawing is practice for an idea I have for a painting.  I need to work out some of the background details before I get started.  There should be 2 paintings coming up in the next quarter.  I am excited!


I like drawing nature. It just comes easier for me than people. People are hard, the stuff under the skin makes a difference. Sneaky


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