Only Tuesday

It is only Tuesday… Some days seem to pass slower than others.  On Thursday I will be saying “Its already Thursday, where did the week go?” Today is a day where my motivation and energy are a bit on the low side.  My goal was to draw a landscape that was simple and would be easy to stipple.  I thought a prairie landscape would fit those needs. Then I started looking…  Yeah, prairies are boring!  I started looking for things like broken fences or trees, something that I could use lines on and have surrounded by stippled features.  I did find one image, but it was to small to make out clearly.  After the “interesting” drawing yesterday, I wanted to do better. In the end I chose a field with mountains in the back. It took forever, over two hours. That is a long time to spend on a sketch or doodle (personal opinion.)  If I sketch out an image I can usually estimate how long it would take to draw on 11x17in paper. If I was going to do this image as a full sized image it would take 100 hours or more. As I think about it is gets appealing… I am not going to do it…. probably… we will see… Here is tonight’s drawing, in all its sepia tinted glory. Also, I used the Copic Multiliner pens for this.  I like them for stippling, but not so much for lines.  They drag (another opinion.)  I prefer the Pigma Micron pens for drawing. (way better than yesterday)


Learning the fun things one can do in Picasa.


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