Put a bird on it…


Make the bird a raven. Then the guy will look like he is contemplating eating the bird for dinner….
Yeah, that worked out well.

I was bumming around the internet and ran into a challenge to draw a bird.  I though, why not?  I have to do a face today, why not put a bird in the mix.

I looked around the internet for an image of a person with a bird.  Initially I was going to have it sitting on the persons shoulder.  Then I saw a gem.  A guy with a parrot on his head.  Yeah, I am going to draw that!

Then my spouse had to put his two cents in.  Make the bird a raven.

…OK, Why not.  It is a lot of black though.  Lets try it.

After much muttering and telling my spouse that he sucks, we are done.

Here you go.

(waaaaay better than Monday’s person… and it only took an hour.)


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