Finally Done… for the day.

There was no post last night.  I started a drawing and ended up going to a random art show up in Seattle.

The art show was pretty neat.  It gave me ideas for things that I might try later.

Here are my submissions for yesterday and today.


Crazy ribbon like kelp. I have fond memories of kelp. The green tint was added in Picasa. Because it is fun.


I used to play with this stuff when it washed up on shore, when I was a kid.  A really long “bull kelp” could be used like a whip and even make the noise.  It is also fun to draw the ribbon like leaves.


Let’s Read!
Another face to practice on. I think I got the features right. Now it is shading and line improvement.

Lets Read!

Reading is awesome.  I am going to do a larger version of this over the weekend.  Practice my faces and try to get a better mediation between my highlights and shadows.  It is so much easier to do the transitions with paint.
Practice, Practice!


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