The Real Reason You Should Stop Paying For Cable

I removed my cable subscription several years ago. For the same reasons, money and I never watched anything. If you want to watch sports you can check out a sports bar or hang out with a friend.
I do have the same problem with Hulu. I pay, why do I still have to deal with commercials? Pandora Radio gets it, why can’t you. I might even pay a bit more to avoid the commercials.

ANYWAY, if you want to actually watch TV and enjoy it, dump cable and stream. It is amazing.

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Like a lot of consumers tired of paying a hundred dollar monthly bill, I cancelled my cable subscription several years ago. Instead I rely on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, all streamed directly to my TV via a tiny Roku. Is it perfect? No, I don’t have any sports access. And I can’t watch live broadcasts.

But nothing’s perfect in life, and my TV setup now is in many ways far superior to the ancient cable box technology still imposed on paying customers by the big service providers. The obvious draw is the price. I’m paying a lot less money for basically the same service. Another advantage is the fact that I decide when to start and stop my programs. I don’t know how everyone else watches TV, but when I still had cable, I felt like the TV was always just on in the background. It…

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