Well, That Did Not Go As Planned

I had a lovely post planned for tonight. It was about my dislike of Tuesday. I even had a little cartoon planned for it. I even had a backup post planned!

I got home, finished  the coulrophobia ( clown phobia) drawing. I did a few quick sketches  for my arachnophobia (spiders) drawing.
I had a bright idea to go for a walk before I started my blog post and comic. Even better, I asked my spouse and a friend  if they wanted to go.  Two and a half hours, four miles and a cheese burger later, we got home.  I had 30 minutes to finish of a spider sketch and start winding down for the night.

That is the story of why there is no new material for you awesome people tonight.

On a plus side, I have two illustrations to scan (three if I work hard tomorrow.) I will be able to post them this week. Yaaaay!

Here is something I drew for just such a situation.


Actually, I may have shared this before. I am on a tablet and I do not want to risk losing my work to check the gallery.


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