Digitally Done

What a good day it has been, overall.

I remembered to get my drawings scanned.  I digitally improved my latest one.  My first digitally “improved” drawing.  Usually I just take a sketch and make it digital, from “scratch.”

None of that here.  I took the awesomeness of my Creepy Clown and enhanced it with a bit o’ color, (removed missed white spots.)

I have to say this process takes a long time.  Most of my time was spent chasing after perceived imperfections in my drawing.  Second was learning how to add textures to my masked area.  I did not want flat boring color.  I wanted creepy clown colors, and that required a texture.

Overall it was pretty simple, being one color that was added.  Only 2 hours playing with it.  I almost dread working on other pieces that I have done.  One color was a pain in the butt, but four or five colors?  That could get tricky and definitely requires a different process.

I am going to re-scan my big drawings at a higher dpi before I add the color to the original (creepy clown at least.)

This was a learning process, and pretty fun.

I will need to practice more to see if I can get better results before I decide to sell prints or anything of my drawings (and paintings!)

Everything is learning!

I hope you enjoy the phobia causing clown.


Creepy Clown, pen and ink, color added digitally (for now.) Drawn and edited by yours truly, Carissa


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