Not the Optimist Today

An optimist might see my drawing today as “Coming Up Roses.”  I am not in an optimistic mood.  In fact I am of the “Poop Weights More that Roses” mood, today.  Only substitute a synonym for poop.  My blog goes out to several social media platforms.  Swearing is not a nice thing to do.


Coming up Roses, or Poop Weights More?

After a stressful week (some good things were in the mix, hence the roses) my spouse and I got some bad (poopie diaper worthy) news.  While it is not life threatening, bad news, it is still very stinky and makes the next few days (or weeks) something to dread.  Not “Pit of Despair” bad, just a pile of ripe poopie diapers bad.  Bad enough that the roses are going to have to be exceptionally fragrant to over power.

All things will work out, I am sure.  It just does not seem that way when you first get bad news.  You go through all the stages of loss and grief: Denial/Isolation (thank goodness I walk home,) Anger (right after I got home,) Bargaining (not yet,) Depression (probably hit tonight when I try to sleep,) and Acceptance (not like I have any control over it, so this will happen.)

On the plus side, since this is not life threatening, once you hit Acceptance you can move onto Resolve.  You bust out the creativity and start figuring a way around whatever limitation has been placed on you.  Then things will be coming up roses.

Oh my, I need to hide in a hole.  I just spent 30 minutes trying to get my computer to load a photo into the media manager… grrrrrrrrr


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