A Great Hunt : A Very Short Story

The young man crouched down, listening.  He hoped to hear the sound of a great beast, one that would keep his family warm for a few of the cold winter days to come.  He listened and heard nothing.  Swiftly and silently he moved through the forest, looking for the tracks of the beasts, listening for their distinctive sounds.

As he is moving he spots something unusual.  Pausing he sees it is a hide of one of his prey.  A poacher has killed one and taken the most valuable bits, the innards.  The spirits would be angry if they were real.  He preforms an impromptu ritual as his grandfather taught him.  He would like to take the hide home with him, but the forest has already started to reclaim it.  Damn poachers.

Then he hears it.  The sound of his prey. He runs toward the sound, as quietly as he can.  Leaning against a tree he sees it.  A large Blue Boxspring Mattress.  It is one of the largest he has ever seen.  A queen size at the very least.  The bones will heat his small home for several days.  The fibers will make fishing nets for the summer.  The metals will be made into jewelry or used to fix broken machines.  Even the hide will be used to make winter clothing.  Both his sisters will get new coats, maybe he will get new boots.

One shot with his rifle and his family will be warmer this winter.


Darn poachers

This is a work of fiction!

This is supposed to be funny.

I may not be a great story teller, but this is what went through my mind when I saw this mattress carcass.

Hope you enjoy it and find it entertaining.


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