“Creativity means believing you have greatness” – Why ? – Don Charisma’s Prompt

This is a great mental exercise for the creative person.
Do you believe you have greatness when you create?

I do. Well… I touch greatness, bring it into myself and put it on canvas or paper. I may not feel that I am great, but rather that I am a part of something greater and it will come out in the work.

This is a common sentiment among the comments for this post on doncharisma.com. It makes me wonder if the majority of the art community feels that way. The artist is not great, but the work is.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Don Charisma

I’m often curious as to why sometimes my readers don’t comprehend my quotes the same way that I do. Language, differing cultures and other factors come into play.


There’s plenty of interesting conversations I’ve had – “devils advocate” is quite fun or who knows I might even clarify what I think it means … depends really on how questions are worded and from whom … occasionally I disagree with my own quotes, just to spice things up …

I posted this quote by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer :

«Creativity means believing you have greatness.»

— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

And two people asked me “Why?” … very good question, I’m sure plenty of creatives have many answers to that question … For me, it makes an interesting writing prompt.

So write away to your heart’s content – in the comments here, on your own blog or do a…

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