A Little Stuck

Today was one of those days where things just did not want to go smoothly.
Nothing big or drastically important happened, but all the little things add up.
In addition I am still exhausted from the walking yesterday and not being able to sleep (stupid brain…)

I did a little doodle at work of a snorkel sticking out of the sand in a desert. I am not sure how better having a snorkel would be while one is buried in the desert.  Sometimes things like that just do not come into the mind when an idea comes into your head.
Perhaps it means that you can last until someone finds you. Je ne sai pas… I do not know…

Harold, on the other hand, is in a bit of a different predicament. He looks to have been buried in the desert. I wonder if his odd desert attire had something to do with it…
Practicality speaking, I would think the sand would get into the snorkel and clog it up. It could also just collect more sand and get covered up.  Seeing at that point would be useless. 
Again, not like logic has much of a role in art.


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