Two for One

As an office worker, working five on and two off, I am always happy when “Friday” rolls around.  It is even better when my “Friday” is actually Friday. Wooo!

Here is my view of the rest of the week, just for fun.

Monday: There is hope the week will go well.  Hopefully my optimism is not misplaced.

Tuesday: Well, poop (insert stronger word for the REALLY bad weeks.)  My hopes have been dashed.  Now I have to tread water until Wednesday.  At least then I can celebrate “Hump Day.”

Wednesday:  Half way there.  I have not “forgotten” to do anything, so far.  People should thank me.


Thursday, the building block to a good weekend.

Thursday: AKA “Friday Eve.”  It is coming, on the horizon, and end to the torture.

Friday: Wooo!  Let me be super productive so Monday does not suck.  Maybe not drink to much so I can enjoy Saturday.


Celebrate Friday with some balloons

Saturday: I get to do stuff that I want to do!

Sunday: I have to do stuff I have to do.  To bed on time… Got work tomorrow..

Rinse, lather and repeat, for best results and a pay check.


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