Special Request

I was not sure what to draw today.

Then a co-worker asked me to draw them “going postal.”

I know what they meant… and I know it was not this.  It is what they get 😉

I am not sure what is really going on.  Someone is quitting their job and joining the USPS.  Lack of postage seems to have something to do with it, since they left a stamp on their resignation letter and the words “Insufficient Postage” on it.


I am not sure what the straw that broke this camels back was, but it seems that it had to do with short postage… I do not think joining USPS is going to make things better. On the other hand things do not always make sense when one goes postal.


2 thoughts on “Special Request

  1. I’m not sure when it was, but some American general tried the idea of using rockets to deliver mail. They put a bunch of letters in a rocket and fired it off to its destination. The rocket promptly blew up.

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