First of Two

This week will be a week of Birthdays.  There are two, that I am aware of.  Both friends of mine.

Since I am exceptionally broke this year, they get drawings.

This is pretty great for me.  I have something to draw on two of five days (yippie!) and I do not have to spend any money.  Only about 2 hours of my time.  Which I was going to spend drawing anyway.  Win for me… Not sure how they will feel about it.

I will also give a birthday plug to Robert.  As a freelance artist and comic creator the plug will probably mean more than my doodle.  I doubt he reads this, so it will be a nice surprise if any of you choose to visit his sites. 🙂

Robert has two (yeah two) comic strips running, Writhe and Shine and Overcast with a Chance of Doom.  They are both really good and quite entertaining (Chance of Doom makes Wednesday’s worth dealing with.)  He has a gift for sneaking gags into the art (all hail lord Vego.)  Worth a look if you ask me. (Honestly, the art is amazing.)  You can also check out his fine art offerings at his personal site.

I could rave about Robert’s art for quite a while. If I did that you would never get to see my art (hahaha) offering for today.

Zero and the banner turned out okay. Poor Jack, though… not sure what happened there… Sorry Mr. Burton!  I did not mean to butcher poor Jack.  Good thing I chose not draw Sally.


Happy Birthday Robert!


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