Bond, James Bond…. well almost


I am a sneaky spy!

It has been a turmoil week.

Birthday on Monday (not mine,) dead brain on Tuesday (it was pretty crazy,) walking with snails on Wednesday (still mad about that,) another birthday on Thursday (again on mine,) and finally Friday!

Before a long weekend.

And I am going to go to bed at a decent time.  I have stuff to do tomorrow.

Today’s drawing is really from Wednesday, pre-snail walking (that picture will come soon, maybe this weekend…)

On Wednesday I got out of bed, did my normal routine, and started to get dressed.  Then I realized that the Bond theme was playing.  Who does not want to be a spy for a few minutes.  So I did my best sneaky spy impression and got dressed.  It was quite a lot of fun.  I forgot to set my cloths out the night before and was trying to be “sneaky” and get things together.

It was totally fun.  I challenge everyone to play the song and be a spy for a moment.


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