A Month of Sundays

There are lots of sayings we have that are odd.  A month of Sunday’s can be one of those.

“I would like to sleep for a month of Sunday’s.”

“I need a vacation/holiday that lasts a month of Sunday’s.”

How many of us have actually done the math on that?

The average month is 30 days.  That means 30 weeks have to pass for you to have 30 Sundays.  That is over half a year, about 7.5 months.  That is a lot of sleep, or a very long holiday.

Today’s drawing was going to be a depiction of a month of Sunday’s.  It got a little complicated so I drew a cave instead… I am in there hibernating, for 7.5 months.  I might come out after a fortnight of Sunday’s. 😉

I joke.  Fourteen weeks of Sunday’s is way to much for me.  I can barley handle two weeks of straight vacation time, I have no clue how I would deal with fourteen.

Enjoy the cave and all the fun color treatments I gave it in Picasa (it worked today.)


The basic drawing of the cave. All I did was crop it and make the “blacks black.”


I added some warmth to this and a bit of fun with Sepia.


This version has some interesting treatments. Based of the sepia version, I added a blue/green tint to the top half, then added an additional “warmify” layer. I also added a bit of a retro style filter, I just cannot remember which one… shame on me.


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