After drawing the Fangfish on Wednesday, I decided to look up a few more of the denizens of the deep. I looked up a bunch and settled on the Gulper Eel (aka, Pelican Eel, Gulper Fish, Pelican Fish, Umbrella fish.)  I also did some research on the fish, because I am like that.

Not only is he ugly, he is black (hard to draw that) and are not like a normal fish or eel.  Their mouths are over half their body, they do not have much of a stomach, and probably eat small crustaceans and the like.  There are several different types distinguished by the type of mouth and type of tail they have.The one I drew is of the “umbrella” type.  The corners of its mouth pop out when it opens its mouth to catch food.  This particular drawing also has mild bio-luminescence in its tail.

You can read more on the wiki.  I had to go to several different ones to make sure I had all the information.

In the end, like many deep sea creatures, we do not know much about them.  That makes them even cooler, if you ask me.

I can tell you that no one takes good photos of them, just a bunch of profile images, which were not very helpful when it came to draw one.

Gulper Eel

Gulper Eel. Creepy and yet so cool.


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