Where Have I Been?

Going bananas, is where.

In the past two weeks I have done a large drawing, lost my admin account on my computer, had a break down, changed my sleep schedule and did more drawing…

Like I said bananas, crazy, or whatever you want to call it.

I will be posting pictures of the large drawing when I am able to get some decent photos of it.  It is to big for me to take photos of on my own, about 3 ft x 3.5 ft, the largest sheet of paper I could easily get my hands on.  Despite the subject matter I like how it turned out (how often does an artist say that?)  Once I get some good photos of it I am going to add some more golds to finish it of.  Metallics just do not photograph well.

Windows 7 has done it again.  Locked me out of the primary admin account.  This has happened so many times now, it is very frustrating.  I have no clue what my spouse set the admin password as, so a new admin account is not forthcoming at the moment.  ARGH… I have stuff on that account that I would like to work on.

I had a bunch of people coming over to crash at the house a few weeks ago.  I spent so much time cleaning, in the heat (it was over 90f in the house.)  I snapped.  I could not clean anymore.  I just stopped functioning for a while, and was a bad host.  That weekend was one of the worst I have had in a while.  Hot, tired, angry, playing host to a few friends. I feel kind of bad, but one can only do so much before they reach the end of their proverbial rope.

To deal with said heat I have altered my sleep schedule.  I am not sure if it is good yet, but I can draw, exercise and do a few chores without getting heat stress or heat stroke.  That is a big plus in my book.

I have two drawings for you today.

I bought some Gelly Roll gel pens and have been playing with them.  Inspired by an artist I follow in Instagram (@katyanngilmore if you want to check it out.)  Like most new media, I start off with flowers and I will work my way to more challenging things as I get used to the pens.  I have already learned a few things.

1. Drying is important

2. They do blend!  Just be quick about it.


This is the first attempt. I used silver to make the highlights really ‘shine.’ hahaha, so bad


This is the second drawing. I like shiny things so I did a layer of silver over the highlights of the white flowers and gold for anything that was yellow (or green as in the case of the leaves)


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