Jaws hit it’s 40th Anniversary the other day.  I went and saw it in the theater yesterday (hence no drawing.)  It was awesome.  this was my first time seeing it on “the big screen” and it was amazing.

I did not even realize how awesome everything was.  Even the falseness of the shark was awesome.

Yeah, we laughed at inappropriate times, but that is what you do when you realize you were afraid of something for no reason.

There were times you though things were just another day.  The music is so happy in some places.  I was wondering why we were not in an older Disney movie.

I drew a shark tonight.  Standard pen and paper, no crazy white on black (actually I tried and I did not like how it looked.)

I might bust out the conte crayons and pastels to draw on the colored papers.



OMG, it is going to eat me!


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