…And I lost it.

I had a post planned for today… I really did… but I got busy, and I have forgotten what it was.  I do not even remember the topic.

It must not have been important.

Instead I will post a subtle complaint about how warm it is here.  It did not break 90f today.  It is supposed to stay in the mid 80’s this week and then 90-100 next week.  I am not particularly happy about it.  I know I cannot do anything about it but it gives my brain something to do to complain about and not focus on something else that I cannot fix, but might insult or hurt someone.

(I think I remembered what I was going to post about! Tomorrow perhaps.)

I did the lines with a Copic Multiliner (trying to use them, maybe they will grow on me,) and I colored it in with crayons!  They were near my basement workstation.  They are the twistable kind.  I forgot how difficult it is to work with them.  They get dull and you do not know where they are going to land on the paper.


I just wanted to show the difference between the line drawing and the color ones.


I am the lobsters, awaiting my time to be cooked. I feel like this every time I leave the house while the sun is up.


5 thoughts on “…And I lost it.

  1. Nice drawing 🙂
    I have those crayons you mentioned and I don’t use them now at all. I was looking at them recently and trying to figure out what to do with them because the colours in the set are so beautiful.
    Maybe I’ll do something with them in my art journal to see if I still like them 🙂

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