When Art is Difficult

There is a lot of art out there that was hard for the artist to create.  Well, maybe that is just not quite right.  It is easy to create, but hard to look at afterwards.  It is to close to something true within and causes pain to see it out in the world.

Today I show a bit of something very true, a bit of my core, my soul, whatever you want to call it.

There are times when one can feel  trapped, chained down, by life or perceived restrictions.

I was having one of those times when I planned and drew this.

I remember every time I look at it or think about it.  I think about it when I am feeling chained down.  It causes a type of pain to look at (think about) if I am emotionally susceptible.  Writing about it brings up anxiety.

Now for the technical stuff on the drawing.  It was done with Micron pens.  It took about 50 hours to draw, 10 hours to digitally edit and color.  I used a photo of a rusty dock pylon for the texture and a bit of color to make it more “rusty” colored.  Yes I have some water marks on it.

Here you go.  The bit of my soul (a creepy bit.)


When life ties you up, dries you out and stuffs you in a box, draw it.


One thought on “When Art is Difficult

  1. I admire anyone who has the courage to face inward to look at who they are. Not everyone can do it. Unfortunately that’s why so many of us treat others poorly, but when we see who we are and what wee need for ourselves we try to do better for everyone around us

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