Back to the Small Paper

I finished my big drawing
I am working on getting good photos. It is hard to do when it does not want to stay on the wall, even for a few minutes. A difficult “model” to work with. I may need to wrangle my spouse into being a human easel. 🙂

Until I start a new one, we are back to daily doodles!

I got some cool pens a while ago. They are ultra fine at .03 mm, .05mm is the smallest art pen I have ever used.  The Hi-Tec-C by Pilot comes in different colors and has the finest point I have ever used.  It is awesome.


I could not think of any neat things to draw in purple. Then I realized that Purple is neat all on its own.


This is a dual purpose picture. Showing off the awesome blue Hi-Tec-C pen and my nifty nail wraps. Burtonesque from Espionage Cosmetics, my second favorite design.


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