I had a Nightmare!


Nunzio, the fearful, napping.

This is one of my cats, Nunzio.  He is not the bravest of cats.  He hides when the door opens, at loud noises and at quick movements.  When we moved into our new house he managed to get himself stuck behind the refrigerator.  When we got him out he hid in the bathroom for a week. He is one of the largest cats I have ever owned, proportionally large, not fat by any means.

I also want to point out that there is NO television or any similar thing in the bedroom.  My music shuts off at midnight and it is instrumental stuff.

I am telling you about Nunzio because he is an intricate part of my nightmare.

– – – – – – – The Nightmare – – – – – – –

My spouse and I were packing to go on a trip to see a house we were looking at buying.  It was over a day drive away, so we were going to make a mini vacation of it.  We brought one of our two cats.  Nunzio.

Nunzio was fine in the car for the drive to the town the house was in.  He was his normal self as we checked in and put our bags in the room.  We got back into the car to check out the house, with Nunzio hunkered down in the back seat.

When we got to the house we started walking around looking at things.  My spouse was carrying Nunzio like you would an infant.  Nunzio had is paws on my spouses shoulders.  He was not happy, but he was not freaking out like we would expect.  As we checked out the rooms and pointed out things that needed to be fixed, my spouse put Nunzio on the floor, to open up the attic.  Instead of running and hiding (like usual) he just hunkered down like someone was holding him in place.  We were not really paying attention, but we did think it was a bit odd.

Once we were done looking at the house, we picked Nunzio up and went back to the car and to the hotel for the night.  We were not going to be able to stay in the house as dirty as it was.  The real estate agency would have some one clean it the next day or two.

We made several more trips to the house over the next few days, each time we brought the cat.  Every time he was put down he would just hunker down and not move.  No hissing, growling or fur flying.  It was definitely odd.  Being distracted as we were, we did not pay attention.

Finally the house was habitable and we would be able to spend the night.  We put a change of cloths and an air mattress in the car and went to the house.

Since it was clean we decided to record the house on our cellphones.  Nunzio was hunkered down in the kitchen.  On the camera you could see the grey head with wings (like an angel statue, but only the head and wings,) about a foot away from Nunzio.  He was not looking at it, it was just there.  Looking away from the camera, you did not see the head or wings.


Similar things could be seen around the house on the camera.

Regardless we set up the air mattress and contemplated what needed to be done.

I am not sure why we decided to leave and stay at the hotel.  Thankfully we did not check out.

Late in the night, we packed up our bags to leave the house.  We brought as much as we could to the car and my spouse went back to get the last of the stuff we left.

I was making sure everything was in the car.  Nunzio kept poking his head out of the car door so I decided to get in the car and wait for my spouse.

As I closed the passenger side car door I can see Nunzio standing looking at me in the back seat.  In a creepy movie style possessed voice he starts saying “I LOVE LUCILLE BALL.  I LOVE LUCILLE BALL.”  He also starts moving towards me.

I freak out and scream at him, “NO YOU DON’T, YOU’RE A CAT!  NO YOU DON’T!”  I frantically start to try to open the door to get out of the car as Nunzio comes closer to me.

… and I wake up in a very dark room.  Seven minutes before my alarm goes off.

I am not able to close my eyes for the last seven minutes of sleep.  I am really freaked out.  Nunzio is just on the other side of the door… He lives in the house.  The house is dark….

I turn on my bedside lamp.  Nunzio is just a cat.  Cats cannot talk, even if possessed.  They do not have the correct vocal cords.  Cats are bridges between death and life, you cannot posses a bridge.  That would be silly.

I am trying to calm myself down.  I have to feed the cats in 3 minutes.  Nunzio is out there.  Waiting for food… in the dark…


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