Inktober Review

October was very busy for me. The main reason I did not have a blog entry for the month.

October is special to me.  I love Halloween and it is known as Inktober to artists who like to draw with pen and ink.  If you just want to draw and dislike ink, you can participate in Drawlloween instead.

Not only did I draw everyday.  I took Vacation time!  Well Staycation time.  I did not do much other than housework and draw.  Lots of drawing.  I did go to Jet City Comic Show and saw some great art.

You can check my Instagram account (@bycarissac) for ALL of the art I did for Inktober and any progress images I posted.  I was able to get 27 of 31 drawings done.  That is really darn good.  I got sidetracked a few times with drawing big or intricate pieces.

Not all 27 are here.  I have given you the ones that I like the best.  Which is most.

I hope you like these ones that I have shared.


Witches Garb, left hand


Done in Conte with my left had.

OctoCostume SevenWitches ScareCrow BatsInTheBelfrey ScribbleSkull SquishPumpkins GhostItTheAttic IFitsISits ItsyBitsySpider


The kitty wants the mouse.


Scribbles! This was so fun


A few more spiders and this guy might have some cloths.


OctoberFest and Breast Cancer awareness, two other things October is known for.


Eyeball soup.


A few of my favorite Halloween things.


A One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People eater. He has run into some back luck and is resorting to self help books to try and make a change.


60 hours and an estimated 1,188,000 dots.
I think this is my best work this year


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