Well, That was Unexpected…

I make small and medium sized mistakes all the time.  Usually an apology and correcting the end result fixes things.  However, every year I make one BIG mistake. One that causes me to doubt my intelligence and decision making processes.  Usually the mistake cannot be fixed by anything but time, because it damages my reputation or relationship with a person/organization in some way.


It is still insanity, even with the slight differences.

You would think that I would learn from past behavior and results.  You would think I would remember to ask “Should I do this?” more often.  Since that question would keep these mistakes from answering.  I kind of learn.  I change small things.  This time I used a “stick” instead of poking the proverbial bear with my finger. The bear was also different from the last one I poked.  The thing is, I still poked a bear.  They do not like it.

This time I was able to take action and removed the trigger.  Hopefully that helps.  I also apologized and detailed the steps I took and would take to prevent it from happening again.  I even used the proper apologizing format!

I apologize for (action).  I realize it (the result.)  In the future I will (ways to prevent action from happening again.)


It is still insanity, even with the slight differences.

Any Positives from this?

Not really.  Just some art.  I do not have faith that I will retain the experience and not do it again.  So says my past behavior.  There is only a small chance that my next BIG mistake will be something entirely new.



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