Moving Forward; My Year in Review

I wish I could show my thought process for each blog post.  This one started out pretty negative.  While I was planning out the post I decided that I did not want to go back to such a negative place, back where I was in 2014.

Nope, we are going to keep moving forward.  And forward is good!

My goals this year were to create 12 pieces of “fine” art (drawing, painting and the like,) 12 digital art, a few website templates, and get some exercise in.

Done-Tryagain (2)

Wooo! I did it.

I totally blew the fine are goal out of the water.  I cannot count the number of final products I have.  I look back on it and wonder why I was worried that I would not be able to do it.  I focused on drawing, a medium that I never really focused on before.  It gave me a new perspective on my skills and the things I can do.  More skills and practice.  I filled 2 and a half sketch books, that is over 365 drawings and sketches.  More than one a day. I even participated in Inktober!


Looks like I will have to work on this some more.

I did not make my digital art goal.  This makes me kind of sad, but I know the reasons.  It is still really painful to sit in an office style chair in front of a computer.  I did manage to digitize a few of my drawings and start a few digital images.  I just could not sit in a chair long enough to work on much.  I will be remedying this in 2016.  I will be getting a mobile workstation so I can stand and work!  I also got a new laptop, so I can work “on the road” when I have nothing better to do.


Looks like I will have to work on this some more.

I did not make my website goals either.  I did try, but the back thing…  Excuses, excuses.  Honestly, every time I went to work on one I was reminded of how frustrated I was about my education and all that stuff.  I just decided to stop for a while.  Not sure if I will be including this in my goals for next year.

Done-Tryagain (2)

Woo! I did it.

I also blew my exercise goals out the water.  The good thing about my back injury was that I had to walk to keep the muscles from seizing up on me.  I walked and stretched away 10lbs!  It would have been more, but I over did it (all or nothing with me) and had to slow down.  I WILL be working on this again next year.  I have a goal and I need to be in some sort of good shape for it.

Overall it has been an awesome year.  I cannot wait until 2016.  I have some great plans and goals.


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