Struggling with Words… Again

Everyone has their own strength’s and weaknesses.  A co-worker and I are both able to read things backwards, upside down or both.  There are a few others in  the office that are not able to do this handy feat.   Just like some people can roll their tongues or move their ears, others are not able to (I can’t move my ears…  Always wanted to be able to.)

This past few weeks I have been trying to come up with an Artist Statement and Elevator Speech.  I have read books, samples, guides and nothing I come up with “feels right.”  I suppose that is the problem though.  I am trying to put feelings into words.

Words define things.  For the most part, they are an agreed  upon construct we use to communicate our intangible thoughts and emotions.  We all have a basic idea of what “love” is, even if the finer details are different between all of us, due to personal experience, creed or religion.  We know that “love” is when you care about someone/something to a point where you put them/that before yourself.

Words can only explain the bits that we agree upon.  There are so many other parts to “love” that we cannot agree on or explain.  The way it makes us look at the loved thing.  How it makes the day better/worse.  How it alters our personality, how we see or how we interact.  And so many more things.

This extra stuff, the inexplicable, is where artists live, where we create.  It is hard to put into words, our agreed upon construct.  It is dynamic, never staying still for long. Dodging every attempt to be wrangled into words, to be made sense of.  Laughing at any attempt that the inflexible have to wrangle it into a word or phrase, to define it.  Yet it essential to our lives.

In order to advance my desire to be an artist have to convey all of the intricacies in words. This is what I have for the Artist Statement.  I am not sure how to make it Elevator Speech material.  Being creative can be complicated sometimes.


I love creating art.  I love the thought process behind all my creations.  Some are moments of a story, waiting to be shared.  Others are things that I “see.”  Some are fun and just flow out of me.  Others are a struggle and have to be forced out.  Each makes me a little more whole.

I look at everything.  I see the colors, shapes, textures, light and dark.  I look past it and see if there are emotions attached.  A simple flower might hold a smile for someone, or a specific blue might cause a sad memory.  All of these things come together and trigger something in me to create.  I choose to put that on canvas with acrylic paint or paper with pen and inks.

In a life full of changes, drawing and painting are the only two things that I have always come back to.  They free my mind to explore the dynamics that make up life like nothing else I have ever done, and I have done many things.  Creating thing, not just images, brings me to me and makes me complete.


Again, my paltry attempt to put into words what is something that I feel the need to do, in order to stay sane in the insanity…  Or maybe stay insane in the sanity…

Artist Statement Graphic

I love creating art. I love the thought process behind all my creations. Some are moments of a story, waiting to be shared. Others are things I see. Some are fun and just flow out of me. Others are a struggle and have to be forced out. Each makes me a little more whole.



2 thoughts on “Struggling with Words… Again

  1. My New Year’s message to some close friends: “I hope that in the new year you discover the path that you are supposed to be on, the passion that is in your heart, and your purpose here on this earth.”

    You might find your passion, but if you are not on the right path or if your real purpose is not in your being then you might be drifting, coasting, wandering with the hope that your purpose and passion will find you and not the other way around.

    Your path, your purpose, your passion. Own it; live it.

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