Little, yet Big Step

After TONS of research I have made the leap and opened an Etsy store account.  Over the next few weeks  I will be photographing and posting things to sell.

Exciting, and scary.

Moving on with my goals.  I did not initially plan on having a “store” just yet.  However, it occurred to me that I may want to have a place to send people in the event they cannot afford a product while at an event (art festival and the like.)  Maybe I can sell a few things to pay for admission fees and packing materials (apparently that could be the more expensive part since I paint / draw larger things.)

I am excited!  Moving along my path to reach my goals!  Things can become so much clearer when you just make a move, small or large.  Any move on the path is good.  I also need to clear the walls and other storage areas so I can create new things (I am a little on the prolific side.)

I am also scared.  Moving into an unknown area is challenging and scary.  No amount of research can prepare one for having a business owner (or attempting.)  There are so many things that I do not know, and do not know that I need to know.  I do not know how people will accept my art style and (by proxy) me.

I am not 100% sure on the whole pricing thing. Not many are, from what I can find.  Packing originals, some with glass…  taxes (income and sales)… fees… licenses… So many unknowns.

Another plus, I know people who know the answers, or might be able to point me in the right direction.  Friends are AWESOME!  I have been avoiding asking them much, because… well it is scary to ask for help (from another post!)

I am going to push ahead.  Success is only going to come if I try!

(I sound confident right?!)


A Humpback Angler Fish.



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