Change of Pace

When I create a drawing or painting, all of my faculties work together.  They are all on the same page, working to a common goal.  Every so often the harmony is lost and I am not able to continue in my current medium or style.  When that happens you have to change things up.

So many things have to work together to create art.  Hands, eyes, brain, lighting, bushes, paint, pens, ink, and mood to name a few.  If any of these things is off or out of balance, the art will suffer.  The artist may set it aside until balance is restored or destroy it and work on something else.

Most of the time I will keep the piece in progress for a week or two.  Any longer and I know I will not finish the piece.  I work on something until it is done.  The down side is that I get burnt out on a style pretty quickly. This leads to times of inactivity or significant changes in style and medium.

Change is not a bad thing.  It keeps the mind from getting stuck in a rut.  It keeps the body fresh and happy.  It keeps the art stores in business.  It keeps the fans from getting bored with your work also.

This week I tried to work on a Valentines themed drawing.  It was not awesome.  Despite all the planning and sketching, my mind lost focus, and the whole thing turned out terrible.  I tossed it as soon as I realized that it was not going to turn out.  I may revisit it later, but it is doubtful.  I will probably work on something completely different.

20160109_134609To keep up the creative pace I chose to paint something instead.  I saw a great landscape on one of my walks in January. I took a few reference photos, mostly to ensure I got the colors close.  I was feeling kind of solitary, mellow, yet kind of happy.  Happy that I had time alone and I could enjoy it.

I wanted to paint this as soon as I got home, but I was working on two other things already.  I sketched it out and painted it in my mind.  Waiting for a lull in the ideas for pen and ink.


Only about 8 hours, but worth every second.


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