Your Supporter

I am not the warrior who goes to battle.  I do not have scars that have epic tales to tell.  I am not the one who will entrap you with my charisma or astound you with my skills.  I mostly pass in the background, unnoticed.

I am the one that you are comfortable with, the one you come home to.  I am the one that binds your wounds and applies any salves.  I am the one you tell your secrets to after everyone has gone to sleep.  I am the one that hears about all the unglamorous parts of your adventures.


I may vanish for short times.  When I come back things quickly return to their normal, comfortable flow.  You will not even notice my new skill or knowledge until it has become a part of the routine.  You will forget to comment on it.  Things will move on. My possible adventure to boring for you to bother asking about.

Yet, I am the one who knows everything about you…  Hopes, dreams, fears, strengths and weaknesses.

I am the nameless one.  The keeper of secrets. The unseen.  The colourless one.  The faceless one.  I am the one that knows all, sees all, hears all.

I am the one that speaks nothing. I am the only one that will not betray your secrets to anyone else.  No one will know what is in my head.

I will never experience your pain.  I will never know the pain of broken bones.  I will never know the pain of struggling, broken and battered, to return to camp.  I will never know the pain of losing a friend on the battlefield.  I will never know the pain of watching a cherished ally expire in my arms.

I cannot even imagine such things.  They are absolutely foreign to my mind.  I cannot even begin to understand.  All the research, and all the time, in all the world could not make me understand, things that only experience could explain.  And I will never experience them.   That is pre-destined.

This should not make you dismiss me or misjudge my value.  A person like me is invaluable.

I am the very essence of home. I will be here when you leave for your adventure.  I will be here when you come back.  I will always be here to stand by you.  Removing the grime encrusted armour.  Putting away the weapons.  Applying bandages and salves.  Quietly waiting for the story.

I will not judge.  I will not stop you. I will not force anything. I will just listen and make sure you are comforted and supported.

I will never shine like the warrior who has been through battle.  I will never be able to drag someone from the brink of destruction like a battle tested warrior could.

I will just be.

And that is the hardest thing.





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