My E-Store

In my last post I shared that I started up an e-store.  If any of you checked it out, you might notice that it is NOT on WordPress.  It is actually on a different platform, has its own blog and mailing list.

I chose to use a different platform for a few reasons.

  1. Wix was cheaper than WordPress.  I got a five year plan for $300 ish dollars.  It came with the e-store set up, support, the domain, and an “easy to use editor.”  Yes, WordPress has all those things, but it would have been $200 ish more.
  2. I have experience with WordPress E-Stores…  And I get a headache every time I think about working with them.  After setting up my store I have discovered that it is not just WordPress E-Stores.  They all seem to be a headache.  I could have gone with Shopify or maybe Etsy, things that are built to be only E-Stores, but that would deprive me of a lot of the control I want. Plus most have a surcharge on each transaction.
  3. Just to see what is out there.  I have used WordPress, I tried Etsy and I know several people that use Shopify and Store Envy.

I learned during the process.  Unless I want to shell out more money I do not have inventory management and my only option for payment is to go through PayPal (yaay transaction fees.) Which is fine, it is a small operation.  Setting up mailing lists is a pain in the butt.  WordPress has better social media interaction and links (Wix does not support G+ for example.)

I am trying to decide if it is worth adding advertisements to my site.  I have a steady job so I do not need the financial benefits.  I am not sure that there are any other benefits to having the adds.  RESEARCH time.

My summary:

If you are going to do an E-Store, shop around and find out what you NEED, WANT and are willing to pay for it. You should also plan for scaling.  If you are staying small, 1-10 items, Shopify, Store Envy, or Etsy might work fine for you.  If you are planning on growing or want the extra bits (such as a separate store blog, mailing list and email account) find a platform that offers what you need and want for a price you are willing to pay.


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