The Canvas is…

…A window. What gets painted on them is what I imagine I can see through the window.

I try to come up with a composition that works in my frame. What could you see if you were three or four feet from a window, looking out.

The branches of a cherry tree or dogwood stretching across the sky. A fish swimming past. A mythical creature running past.

…A box. What can you fit into it?

A magic skull, or maybe a person.

Ooo this gave me some great ideas! (happy artist)

…A portal or door way. Where would you go if you had a magic portal?

I spend most of my time treating the canvas like a window. I like to take a third person viewpoint and imagine what one would see. This allows me to imagine a huge scene, but only see a small portion of it. I feel more free, knowing what is seen is not all that there is.

When imagine the canvas as a box, I feel confined and my art reflects the feeling.

Imagining the canvas as a door is similar to it being a window. The only difference is what is on the other side. Things can spill through doors once they are open.

Have a good week!


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