Wall of Inspiration

I have a bit of wall next to my workstation that I have other peoples art stuck to. It is nothing fancy. Everything is in plastic sleeves and taped to the wall.

Everything (but one) is something from another artist. I use this wall to… be motivated and inspired.

Wall_TopRight_SmallWall_right_SmallThe most motivational ones come from Deadly Martha. She has cute, creepy, and inspirational art.

  • A skeleton with sneakers “Today is the day.”  You should always be ready to go.
  • A little zombie girl eating brains because “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”
  • A devil bunny reminds me to “Be who you are” and
  • A gas mask to remind me to breath.

There are some artists that I do not know or remember who or where I got the pictures/cards. The two birds “Don’t Worry” and “Leave it to Me” are two. I am not sure where “Caffine is Magic” came from, maybe my spouse… But it is very true.

I have some beautiful landscapes one from Christine Knopp (KikiDoodle) and a lovely scene of a woman reading on the side of a road (I cannot read the artists name.) I find both of these relaxing for different reasons. I like the fox and the warm colors and I identify with the waiting lady. I wait a lot, reading is good to pass the time.

Wall_Left_smallThe one with the hot air balloons, by R. Watts, was the FIRST art I bought. It was also my first convention purchase. I walked past it three or four times (I was broke) and finally bought a small one. It is wonderfully detailed and I wish I could have afforded a larger one.

Now for two of my favorite artists, ones I consider friends.

The one with the jack in the box was done by CD Poe. He has interesting lines, colors and subject matter. A man that loves his horror and coffee. I have more of his art around the house and never get tired of looking at it. He even has a coloring book “Color Bits” that I happily own and have worked on coloring.

The girl going Squee and the house were done by Robert Tritthardt. Truly a master of lines. I have a lot of his other non-comic related art all over the house. I read his comics, “Overcast with a Chance of Doom” AND “Writhe and Shine.” The house is from “Overcast” and is the home of Doomie (the girl Squee-ing) and her roomies. It is haunted. It is also full of details that are wonderful and you never really know what is going to happen.

I will be changing up the Wall of Inspiration shortly. I have had this set up for almost a year, it is time to change. I will be taking down the funky canvas (it was a drink and paint I did – I am not a fan of it) and putting up more of other peoples art. I have tons of it now and I want to display as much as I can.


PS The cute but creepy wood knot head was a gift. He has a brother, equally cute and creepy, who hangs in my bedroom. I like them so they hang where I can see them.



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