Daily Prompt : Overcome

via Daily Prompt: Overcome

The thief walked into the room cautiously.  There are always traps in places like this.  The party always sent him in first to make sure it is safe.  Like a good thief is expendable.  Of course a good thief would never fall prey to a trap unless it was exceptional.

Scanning the walls, looking for clues in the flicker of the torch he carried.  He craned his head to check for odd cracks or spaces that were abnormal.  Then he checked the floor.  He did not see anything to cause him to suspect a trap in the walls, floor, or ceiling of the room.  He beckoned the party to enter but cautioned them not to touch anything else.

He turned his attention to the empty sconces on the walls.  They were a good place to hide a trigger.  Inexperienced treasure hunters assumed they would open secret doors.  More often than not they triggered traps that would lead to an early retirement… of sorts.  The sconces were safe.

Next was the decrepit table and chair in one of the corners.  It is suspicious that they were still together.  Every other piece of furniture they had encountered was in ruin.  These looked like they might still burn.

He could see the joints were reenforced with bits of metal and nails.  The back legs of the chair were bolted to the floor with hinges and the table just looked out-of-place in relation to the chair.

He brought his findings to the party who were standing just inside the door of the room.  The idea is to tie a good solid rope to the chair and rig a set of pulleys.  They would be safely in the hall when they pulled the rope and triggered the trap.

The thief did all the set up.  Gingerly tying the rope to the chair.  Then running it through some block pulleys he had tied to the sconces.  Clever, he thought to himself.  I am clever.

He ran the rope through a hole they made in the door, to help prevent any accidentally damage from arrows or other physically damaging traps.  The door would also give them time before any gases might reach them.

Closing the door carefully, the thief pulled the rope tight…

Nothing happened.

The thief tried again with more strength.  Still nothing.

He passed the rope to the warrior, the strongest of the group.  The rope was pulled tight.


So tight the thief thought the rope would break.

Then the rope jerked and the warrior stumbled backwards a half step.

A groan was heard from behind the door.

It had worked!

Seconds passed and stretched into minutes. No thuds, hisses, or other common trap sounds were heard.  Nothing near them had changed either.

The thief looked at the party.  They all nod their heads.

Cautiously the thief opened the door.  Then stepped into the room.  The room was the same.  The chair was titled back with the front legs slightly off the ground.  The table was still slightly off.  The walls and sconces were intact and in the same positions.

What had they triggered?

He quickly turned around and walked back to the door and the party just beyond.

As he reached for the door something felt off.  Instead of jerking it open he pulled the rope back through the hole and looked outside.

A thin green mist had settled in the hall and his companions were slumped on the floor, Overcome by the poisonous gas.

A good thief would never fall prey to a trap unless it was exceptional.  This was exceptional and his party had paid the price.

How was he going to get out and back to town?




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