Inktober Week One

This is a quick post.
Here are the creations I came up with for the first week of Inktober.
It is not a full week, it is the first through fourth.  Next week will be a full seven drawings, plus whatever bonuses or extra things I get done.
I did my own prompts.
Day 1 = Zombie
Day 2 = Skull
Day 3 = Plant
Day 4 = Clown
Day 5 = Eyes
The Inktober heading is an extra!

A female version of Audrey, I named her Audrey X


Braain Flakes. Breakfast is GREAAAT!


Inktober ink blot bookmark size 2inx4in


Vampire skull with a mystery fluid pouring over it.



Not many critters have more eyes than a Beholder.




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