The Great Chicken Resurfaces

I have been busy creating art and not posting much on my progress.

One of the reasons is that I have failed to follow through on a few things.  Mostly failed myself.  Self sabotage kind of things.

At the rate I am going one would think that I am not interested in moving into being a “professional” artist, or doing art full time.  One could think that I am really just messing around and not serious at all. There are days where I think that, so I can understand that others might.

Then I get mad at myself for letting me down. I have spent a lot of time building up a selection of art that I like and others have expressed an interest in.  Why can I not seem to take the next step?

Set up a website and sell things or even upload things to Etsy or SomETHinG.  ANyThING!!  Just DO IT!  Get on your butt in front of the computer and do what needs to be done.  Click that darn button. Throw the Freaking switch.

… and I don’t.

I come up with so many excuses. “not enough product,” “not enough money,” “I have to put this time towards the house,” “I need to finish this,”  and “I can do it after I do ______.”

I call BS on myself.

None of those reasons are valid.  I have plenty of items.  I will have enough to fund this on my next payday (for the 10th time,) it will not take time away from my other chores,  I have nothing that NEEDS to be finished before I start this, and I will always have something that I think is more important.

Do I NEED a “Thank You card?” not if a quick sketch or scribble will work.  I can develop one later, or after my first sale.  Do I NEED to have stock on hand?  No, there is a print shop down the street that will get what I need done in less than 24 hours on average.  Do I NEED to take photos of my paintings… Well, yes to that one. I do need to do that, but NOT before I open a store.  Again I have plenty of other things to offer.

The negative self talk is there.  You suck.  No one wants your art.  No one sees it.  You cannot connect to anyone with this drivel.  Why not just stop now, you are not going to succeed.  You do not even know what you want to gain from this.


It needs to shut up!

I just want to get this done.  Click the darn button.  Throw the switch.  Take the leap.  Even if I am not 100% ready.  I should just do it.

Should… darn that word.

We will see what happens this next pay day.  Will I do it?

Not sure.  It is really scary, and I am really a chicken.  lily-livered and everything other term you can conjure up.


Ink wash on paper.  I think I will call it “Inside.”  I did this back in April.  I was having a really rough time and felt that there was nothing but chaos in me.  That chaos was casting shadows out into the happy parts of my life.  I kind of feel that way again.





I find it hard to keep up with my blog AND create art.  I kind of think that the blog is a passive activity and creating art is the active activity. I talk about art and doing art in the blog but when I am not typing about art I can create it. So talking about it takes away from the doing.

This is not entirely true though.  The only reason I even started actually creating art is due, in large part, to this blog.  It got me in the frame of mind to actually work on my dream.

It is still hard to keep up with the blog.

Things are going well, overall.  I am creating art, about two creations a month.  Quite prolific for someone who is only doing it when I am not at work or tired from work.  I would like to do more, but I just do not have the energy or focus at the moment.

I have a double sided whiteboard on wheels that I have filled with “to create” items.  I am slowly working on it.  I have three things in active progress, at the moment.  I am keeping busy and on track.  I do get sidetracked, like this posts creation.

This drawing/painting is really cool.  No matter orientation it is viewed, it still works!  I am super excited. I never expected it to work out so well. ^_^  It was done with Higgins Black Magic Ink and lots of water.  I draw the lines out and then fill in the shading or colors with a tiny brush.  I really like the effect.

I will be posting some color ones in a few months, when I get the series done.



Over Doing it

There are times when I am so busy that I over do it.

Not really physically.  Mentally and emotionally.

Things HAVE to be done; Get up, go to work, deal with people. The house has to be cleaned, people are coming over, tomorrow.  Spend several hours cleaning. Go to work, deal with people.  Get home, deal with people. Work on art.  It makes you happy right? Latte’s, sugar, tea… sleep? Chores, more painting and drawing.  Errands… Music to save your sanity  and keep you from punching that idiot.

There are days (like the day I wrote this) where I just need to go and hide in a dimly lit hole.  Hide and recuperate my energy, my tolerances, and relocate my motivation.

When I am this rundown I tend to get depressed or angry (I would rather be depressed.  It is easier to hide then to walk around trying to restrain myself.)  When depressed I have trouble focusing on the good things, happy things.

The good becomes so hard to find that it is not worth looking for it. It is almost not worth trying to keep making things because you think everything is bad. All you see are the mistakes and errors.  Not the overall picture and how it is viewed.

You start doubting your skills.  All the mistakes, errors.  I suck.  I am a failure.  I am an amature.  No amount of practice makes me better.

You get sucked into a spiral of “why bother doing..?”  It is  all mistakes, it sucks, no one likes it.

This process leads to a lack of inspiration, and then a lack of art.  Then a shell of a person, only going about things because they have to be done for the survival of the body.

Hopefully one can see it coming and mitigate the situation before it becomes  a full blown episode of stagnation and misery.  Months and years of your life can be lost in the “pit of despair.”

There are lots of away to recover.  I walk to recover.  I find a park, put on some music and walk.  Miles and miles.  I pretend that I am nothing.  No one knows me.  I have no skills, no personality, no needs, wants, desires, nothing.  I am unknown and invisible.  I walk.

Matt Simons – Catch and Release is one of my favorite songs to walk to.  It puts things into perspective.

And I am out of words on this topic for now.



Inspiration is all around.  One just has to see.


Painting inspired by the above scene I saw while out for a walk.





Following the Road

I am making PROGRESS!

Once I set my sights on where I want to go, I started taking steps to make it happen.  Well, I planned out some steps, mini goals, and I am finally seeing results.

Last year I spent most of my time creating.  Mostly drawing, some painting, and learning.  Reading about being an Artist as a business, watching other artists and making friends (well trying to.)

This year I am proud to say that I have been able to get things out to the world.

It is not as easy as people would think.  You do not just make stuff and mass produce it.

You have to plan things, ask and answer questions.

Do I want to do limited runs?  How many?  How much space do I have, how many can I store?

What kind of paper?  Sizes?  Postcards, stickers?

What should I charge?  Etsy, Shopify, WordPress store, something else?  Art fairs?


So many questions!

But I will not be derailed.  I will stay on my path and get to where I am going.

I am still undecided on several things, well almost everything.  But I will figure it out.

Right now I am going to celebrate getting my first print done and off to its new home.

Yay Me!


The little one on top is the original.  The large one right under is 13×18 inches.  I scanned them at 3200 dpi.  I can go bigger!  I am so excited.



I like to celebrate my birthday.  It is something that is important to me.

I do not do it because I want the attention or things.  I do it because I like that I am alive.  I like to celebrate my birthday to honor all of the things I am, do and will do.  I celebrate to honor my past and future.  All those that I have  met and will  meet.  All the things I will have experienced or will experience.

On my birthday I get to celebrate ALL of the things that make me me.  Most other holidays you only get to celebrate a part of you.  I get to celebrate the macabre side of me on Halloween, the spouse side of me on my anniversary, the family side of me during most other holidays.  My birthday is the day where I can be all of me, not just a tiny part.

A lot of people get hung up on the number or year that they are celebrating.  In my mind that is not worth celebrating.  Getting stuck on the number is only going to get depressing.  There are not many ages worth celebrating. 16, 18, 21… Great, you can drive, vote and drink.  People dread 30, like it is the end of the world.  More dread 40, like it makes you old or something.

I think you should be proud that you have been around to circle the sun 30, 40, 50, 60, on and on times.  Each rotation adds knowledge, skills and experiances.  Things you can pass onto others,  or horde for yourself (if you want.)

Celebrate being you for another year.  You have chances to accomplish things.  You can take care of anything that you will regret later.  You get to have experiances.

You are ALIVE!


Joy.  Ink wash Painting, by me!  I HATE Orange.  I do not even like to eat oranges.  I thought I would try something different, since I went out of my way to buy some orange  ink.  UGH  This is NOT my favorite thing.   I would like it more if it was in  different colors.


Neoclassical Columns

Your Supporter, Part 2

I get fulfillment from supporting you. I also require support, I am only a human, like you.

Just because I am not engaging in active battle does not mean that I will never have wounds. Experience should have taught you, not all wounds are visible. Most of mine will be invisible to the eye.  Things you cannot understand because they are foreign to your experiences.

I feel privileged to be the one you chose, yet I often feel inadequate.  Your light is so much brighter than mine.  I often feel less visible.  I feel inadequate emotionally and even intellectually.  I am not adequate to be your support if I cannot answer to your needs or my needs impact you.

You capture people with your stories.  You shine so brightly that others have no choice but to be drawn towards you.  They want to be a part of your story, they NEED to be a part of your story.  I am privileged because you chose me to be with you.  You chose me to see things in you that no others will ever see.  I am probably one of a few not blinded by your light, one of the few that does not want it.

There are times you expect me to be like the others.  You seem so disappointed when I am not entrapped or fawning over your. I might try to be one of the crowd, but it will not be genuine.  Then we are both hurt.  You because it is obvious that I am faking interest, and me because of the backlash the fakery causes.

You will not always see my needs. Even  if you did, most of the time you cannot understand what will fulfill the need.  You will not have the experience. You and I will not always be able to fulfill the needs.  I will do anything to avoid bringing attention to your inadequacies and I will find someone to help me. Even if I have to pay for it.

People overlook me.  Even if I am in need.  They see only your bright light. Finding people who see the smaller and different light of mine is challenging.  Often they are deceivers or fanatics, wanting to get closer to your light.  My time of need turns to defending your back.  You will never see it, and I am left hollow and my needs have not been met.


You ask me for advice. I do not think you know what you are asking… or not asking.  I have not and will not experience what you have gone through.  Yet, I should know what you should do?

Given time, I can find your answers, I can have all my needs filled and I can protect all of the secrets.  I do not always have the time.  You are a warrior.  You move quickly from one adventure to the next.  Seemingly oblivious to those around you.  Making me rush to find the answers you seek.  Wrong or right.  Making me decide who’s need is greater, yours or mine.

I feel inadequate being.

Being the home you need.  Being the lone support for “everyone.”  Being asked to accept things without hesitation.  Being “the one;” that know, that feels, that sees, that listens. Being the rock.

I will do it.

It is what I am.  I cannot do or be anything else.

I might be a diamond in my own right, but even diamonds can be shattered with enough pressure.  Be warned.





Neoclassical Columns

Your Supporter

I am not the warrior who goes to battle.  I do not have scars that have epic tales to tell.  I am not the one who will entrap you with my charisma or astound you with my skills.  I mostly pass in the background, unnoticed.

I am the one that you are comfortable with, the one you come home to.  I am the one that binds your wounds and applies any salves.  I am the one you tell your secrets to after everyone has gone to sleep.  I am the one that hears about all the unglamorous parts of your adventures.


I may vanish for short times.  When I come back things quickly return to their normal, comfortable flow.  You will not even notice my new skill or knowledge until it has become a part of the routine.  You will forget to comment on it.  Things will move on. My possible adventure to boring for you to bother asking about.

Yet, I am the one who knows everything about you…  Hopes, dreams, fears, strengths and weaknesses.

I am the nameless one.  The keeper of secrets. The unseen.  The colourless one.  The faceless one.  I am the one that knows all, sees all, hears all.

I am the one that speaks nothing. I am the only one that will not betray your secrets to anyone else.  No one will know what is in my head.

I will never experience your pain.  I will never know the pain of broken bones.  I will never know the pain of struggling, broken and battered, to return to camp.  I will never know the pain of losing a friend on the battlefield.  I will never know the pain of watching a cherished ally expire in my arms.

I cannot even imagine such things.  They are absolutely foreign to my mind.  I cannot even begin to understand.  All the research, and all the time, in all the world could not make me understand, things that only experience could explain.  And I will never experience them.   That is pre-destined.

This should not make you dismiss me or misjudge my value.  A person like me is invaluable.

I am the very essence of home. I will be here when you leave for your adventure.  I will be here when you come back.  I will always be here to stand by you.  Removing the grime encrusted armour.  Putting away the weapons.  Applying bandages and salves.  Quietly waiting for the story.

I will not judge.  I will not stop you. I will not force anything. I will just listen and make sure you are comforted and supported.

I will never shine like the warrior who has been through battle.  I will never be able to drag someone from the brink of destruction like a battle tested warrior could.

I will just be.

And that is the hardest thing.