Puzzle Mania

I have been working really hard this week.

I drew 11 puzzles!

That is a lot of drawing.  Each took about 2 hours.  I had to do a lot of research to make sure they would come out okay before I inked them.

I plan on selling them at a local art festival in Tacoma, Art on the Ave.


Here are the things I drew.



Motivational Monday #2

Today’s motivational quote comes from Og Mandio. “Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”

This quote has two parts in my mind. The first part is “Always do your best.”

The second part is “What you plant now, you will harvest later.” This is the hardest bit to feel good about.

It takes time to grow things, be it a plant, a dream into reality, or a business. This stuff does not happen over night, while you are asleep. The result of “your best” is not always visible right away. It can take years to show up.

I have been watching NCIS lately (I am getting over a cold.) It seems at least once a season most of the characters run into a similar problem. They do not think that what they are doing is worth anything; The cycle of bad guys never seems to end. The episode usually ends with one of the other team members giving the one in doubt a pep talk and reassurance. Things seem alright in their world for a while.

Life is not like television shows. You do not always get the reassurance. You may never get to hear someone tell you that your best is good enough.  You may never get to see your harvest either.

You should still do it anyway. Do you best for yourself. So you can always be confident that you did indeed do your best. Anything that happens (good or bad) you still did everything you could have done.

After reading this three or four times, it seems disjointed and not very good. I am still dealing with fallout from my cold.  I cannot think of a better way to write it. So I will leave it as is.  Maybe in the future I will fix it.


Take your time and do the best you can in the beginning.  Anything you planted will be the best it can possibly be.


General Status Update

Another post where I did not plan ahead.

After my post on Monday I painted, colored on some wood, did not get enough sleep, took care of a sick spouse, and have gotten the spouses cold.  It has been a pretty busy three days.

I had some ideas yesterday about post topics, but I just could not focus long enough to write anything substantial.   I could not focus on much of anything.  I could not read more than a few pages of a book.  Watching a movie was out of the question, I could barely make it through an episode of whatever show I was trying to watch (NCIS I think.)

I did do a bunch of sketching yesterday.  I drew a bunch of eyes with the iris and pupil in different positions.  It was fun to just scribble away without worrying about where the lines went or how it looked.  I even tried eyes looking down (like the person is reading) and up.  I doodled some feathers and stars as well, but I filled a few pages with eyes.

If I could focus long enough I might try to draw some people poses.  Maybe tonight.


I colored the wood grain with pencil crayons along the density changes. This one had some knots that made good stars and the moon. I painted the moon, stars, trees and birds with acrylic paints.


Today is motivational Monday and I was motivated to finish this piece.  Originally my goal was to draw something based on a motivational quote.  I have sketches for it.

I thought it would be better to show what kind of work you would be supporting should you choose to be a patron.

Next up are some smaller pieces.  A few 5×7’s on canvas board, some on paper to fit some small frames I have, and an 8×10 on canvas board.

I am trying to do some smaller things for three reasons.

1) I can get cheap frames at GoodWill and other thrift stores.  Heck the Dollar Store has frames.

2) I can scan them and convert them into prints.  I do not have many prints of my acrylic paintings.

3) Small things seem to be easier to sell.  I love my art, but I am more than happy to part with it.  Getting things out of my head and onto canvas or paper is great.  Then you need to get them out of your workspace so you can make more.

I have a album on Facebook with a bunch of my stuff that is for sale.  Check it out!

Help me make more space so I can make more art.

Items for Sale Facebook Link


The Octopus. Acrylic on Canvas Board.


Tulips and Carnations on wood

Planning Ahead

It is advisable to plan ahead for most things. This gives you a chance to make corrections and improvements to the plan. Planning ahead is also good for Blog posts.

I have not been doing good with the blog post planning lately.

When I started blogging I was in school for a web development degree. I had things to write about. School life, balancing work, school, home and art, and I would write about the things I learned.

That was over four years ago. Up to the past two years, I had a lot to write about. My attempts to gain employment in my field, the failure at said endeavor, practicing code so I would not forget, and how I was going to move on when I finally gave up.  Plus all the feelings of worthlessness I had and resentment towards the school I went to.

I have less doubt at the moment. I know what I am doing. I am making art. I just do not have much else going on. No job that makes me want to cry, eat/sleep, or participate in activities that could get me put in jail. I let that go. No crazy things going on with the spouse that impacts my new art focus. Lastly, no huge things on the planning table that I can write about.

So, for all intents and purposes, I have not a lot going on. Nothing worth the time it would take to write about it.

I am thinking that a Q&A post would be cool.

Anyone have any questions I can answer?
Leave any questions in the comments and I will answer them.

Tulips and Carnations on wood

This was a painting I did for a co-worker in 2015. I was not sure how it was going to turn out, it was the first time I had painted on unfinished wood.

Motivational Monday: 1

I ran out new things to write about twice a week. Even once a week was getting hard. My life is not all that interesting. All I really do is create art and listen to music. There are only so many things one can write about on those activities.


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time.  Thomas A Edison.

I went online looking for ideas on what to write about. The internet did not let me down. I got some topics that I can work with. One that I thought was a great idea is “Motivational Monday.”

I can use motivation. I bet others could use motivation. I need to work on “small” or short duration drawings. Everything I have been working on lately has taken me a week or more to finish.

Motivational Monday’s will now be a thing I do.

The image below is actually version 4. I always do a few versions in my head, I did two in my sketchbook and this one on a 5×7 bit of bristol.

I attempted to do a freehand person in my sketchbook version.  it was not very good.  The guys arms would be dragging on the ground and the foot is severely deformed.  It took about an hour to do.

The one I present to you was done with a stock photo and a light table.  It took about 2 hours to do.  I usually print out a black and white high contrast version of the image I plan on using.  Then I sketch out the lines I want and any important shadows.  The only thing that I used for this one was the position of the guy and the shadows that make up the face.  I changed the shirt and hair.

Like it says in the quote, I will keep trying to get better at people.  One more time, then one more time and maybe… one more time.  Eventually I will be able to draw a person that does not look like it should have been a sideshow at a carnival in the 1800’s.

The goal is to do “Motivational Monday” every Monday. It will give me something to write about other than whatever boring thing is going on in my life. It will give me something positive to focus on.

Have a good Week!

PS. IF you want to see the horrid monstrosity I did in my sketchbook check out my Instagram account  @bycarissac

A Childhood Adventure

As a child I had a lot of adventures. They were all great and helped shaped me.

One that has stuck with me is when we went searching for the Easter Bunny.

On a bright and warm morning a group of eight kids met up at a fallen tree. They were a buzz with the anticipated holiday, Easter.

Two brown haired sisters were looking forward to finding eggs, doing crafts and having a picnic lunch with their mother. Two other sisters, one blond and the other with black hair, were excited also. They always had a large family dinner with gifts. Two brothers, one brown haired and the other blonde, were less excited. They would be spending half the day away from their friends. The last set is a brother and sister, both brown haired. They were just excited to play with their friends before summer camp.

While planning out their morning adventure the group listened to one of the boys suggestions to look for the Easter Bunny. They were all free until lunch. Surely they could find him by then.

First off was the area by the ice rink. Well, it was a rink in the winter. This was spring. It was a partially boxed off mud pile. They played a fun game to see how many steps one got make before they lose their rubber boots. Only the lightest of the group ever made it across with their boots intact. There was no time for this game today. They looked for any rabbit tracks or tell tale signs the Easter Bunny had been by. No luck.

Next they headed to the forest and undeveloped area at the top of “the hill”. “The hill” was over half a mile long and very steep. This was a favorite area to hold bike races. Not many kids could bike all the way up. At the very top it was gravel as it went to an area of the neighborhood that had not been developed. If you went to the end of the gravel road the normal gravel became lava rock. It was a great place to pretend you were a mountain climber.

There were no signs of the Easter Bunny on the road or at the lava rock mountain. On of the boys said his older brother had a fort in the forest. The Easter Bunny might have visited it. Since they were up there they went in search of the fort.

The forest was thick and it took them a while to find the fort. It was back further than any of them had gone before. Several times they were tempted to turn around. Curiosity prevailed and they continued on until they found the fort.

They did not spent a lot of time at the fort. It looked abandon and scary. They turned around and headed straight for the road. They had searched almost all of the high places in the neighborhood, it was time to search near the houses and the area near the roads that left the neighborhood.

They took a small path from the end of the gravel road down to the “top” row of houses. Saying hello to any adults they came into contact with they made a quick search of the area. There were no signs of the Easter Bunny. They did not tell the adults what they were doing. They would just think it was silly and childish.

Next came the “second” row of houses, easily accessed from the hill and the road. This area met with the same results as the “top” row. This time they took the access path down to the “first” row.

“First” row was set up a bit different than the other two rows. It had a wall of tires in most of the back yards. This wall was used by some of the parents to grow plants, others just treated it like a fence and a few hid it with shrubbery. In the “first” row was where they had their first sign of luck, easter eggs!

There were Easter eggs hiding in the tire wall. He is real!

It took them all morning, but they had the proof that the Easter Bunny was real.

Just in time for lunch.