February, Planning for the Summer

PunkRockSkull_ThumbI have spent the past week working on new art (yaaay!)
I have been looking for places / events to sell my art.
It can be hard to find places that work for dark or creepy art.  Harder to find ones with reasonable table fees and that does not make one jump through crazy hoops.
I have confirmation for two so far.  Dark in the Park in July in Pacific, Washington.  Yes, there is a town in Washington named Pacific.  That threw me when I first found out.  It is just north of Puyallup.  I also signed up to do a dark themed event in November, right after Thanksgiving, the Feast of Beasts.
I sent out applications for five other events, one is a wait list.  I hope to hear back on those, soon.  They are in Seattle.  I will post more about those when I hear back.  There is another Seattle one that has not posted their application yet.  I am eagerly awaiting it, as I already have someone to share the space with.  If all goes well that will be 8 larger events. I hope to get some smallish ones in as well.  I really enjoyed Oddmall Tacoma last year.
I want to expand my inventory beyond paper products. I picked up a silk screening kit.  I want to see if I can design something to put on shirts or maybe tote bags.  One color jobs as it only came with one screen. I have an idea for a few things that might work.
Suggestions for things that can be easily hand made and/or and cheaply purchased are welcome.
In other events:
I am gearing up for Emerald City Comicon.  I have been working the event for many years, 6 or 7 years I think.  I am super excited to go through Artist alley and see what new stuff my favorite artists have done.
I almost forgot!
I posted the video of me painting Starry Tacoma Night!
Check it out.

Sale Sale Sale

The end of summer is close at hand.
I am having a “priced to move” sale.
If you have read any of my other posts you may know I am in a tight financial situation.  My goal is to lessen the burden a bit.
I also need to “clean house” in a huge way.  I have no space left on my walls to hand new things!  It is time for this “old” stuff to go.
I will be listing things in two places (dare I?)  My Etsy store, http://www.etsy.com/shop/artbycarissac
and on the store at my art website (or click the shop button at the top of the page.)
The discount codes for the website are
  • ByeSummer17Original  — This is 40% off any time that is an original.
  • ByeSummer2017Cards   — This will get you 20% off on any greeting card or set of cards.
  • ByeSummer2017Prints   — This will get you 20% off on any greeting card or set of cards.
I have more control over the website store, so the prices will be easier to negotiate.
That is right.  I will negotiate!  Send me a message and we can negotiate on larger orders (either $50 + OR 8+ items.)
The best deals will be on original art, but the prints and cards are also discounted.
This sale will go on until the majority of the original art is sold OR until the end of September 2017, which ever happens first.
I will also be at Music and Art in Wright Park on August 12th.  My rock bottom prices will be with me.  I am loading up as much of my original art as I can fit and selling it.
  • You want paintings statement sized canvas paintings?  Oooo have I got it.
  • You want small illustration type art?  Lots of that.
  • You like creepy art? I have it and there is always more in the works!
  • You like landsapes or seascapes?  I have it.
  • You like art that makes you think or feel?  I definitely have that.
  • You like abstracts?  I have that.
  • You like silly art?  I have it.
  • You like floral art?  All over it.
 You want cheap art?  You came to the right place.
You want good quality art?  I have it. BONUS it is on sale!


Today is motivational Monday and I was motivated to finish this piece.  Originally my goal was to draw something based on a motivational quote.  I have sketches for it.

I thought it would be better to show what kind of work you would be supporting should you choose to be a patron.

Next up are some smaller pieces.  A few 5×7’s on canvas board, some on paper to fit some small frames I have, and an 8×10 on canvas board.

I am trying to do some smaller things for three reasons.

1) I can get cheap frames at GoodWill and other thrift stores.  Heck the Dollar Store has frames.

2) I can scan them and convert them into prints.  I do not have many prints of my acrylic paintings.

3) Small things seem to be easier to sell.  I love my art, but I am more than happy to part with it.  Getting things out of my head and onto canvas or paper is great.  Then you need to get them out of your workspace so you can make more.

I have a album on Facebook with a bunch of my stuff that is for sale.  Check it out!

Help me make more space so I can make more art.

Items for Sale Facebook Link


The Octopus. Acrylic on Canvas Board.



Closer and Closer

Every day I get closer to living my dream, well, trying to.
I am so nervous.
Giving up the stability of my current job to pursue something that I want to do… and not knowing if I will be able to support myself.
When I am positive about myself, I believe I can sell everything.  When I am not having a great day, I do not think anyone will buy anything and I will fail.  When I am more balanced, I am pretty sure I will at least break even at my first event, Oddmall Tacoma.  Well I hope I break even (obviously, I have a pretty negative world view today.)
RedStringofFateMy latest painting kind of leans to my thinkings.
You may think that you can control your fate. Pulling on the string binds your senses and then you really cannot do much.  Follow the sting and you may find what you were meant for.
Well, something like that.
On Instagram I put “you can take your fate into your hands, but it will still bind you.”
Speaking about the art.
I really like that I used complimentary colors. Red for the background, some gold and purple to add depth.  I did the skeleton in green.
I hope to see you at OddMall in Tacoma, Wa (I am in booth 37.)
If you cannot make it check out my store!



Not Sure

The past week has been rough.

I am so burnt out from my job that I am putting in my notice.  I have been doing the job for ten years.  It has grown beyond what one person can handle. I have asked for help every month for the last year and none has been forth coming.

The stress is taking its toll on me. I eat when I am frustrated so I keep putting on weight and wasting money on junk food.  There is not escape from the food.  It is in the cafeteria, gift shop, snack bars (there are two,) and the pharmacy.  There are also three convenience stores across the street.

I am so frustrated that I cannot get the motivation to exercise.  I do not even really want to work on art, read, or socialize.  I just want to hide away in my room and stare at the ceiling.  Then all the negative and bad thoughts come.  So really, a lose, lose situation.

There are things that I am concerned about.  Like having enough money to support the house hold, paying bills and what not.  I am concerned that I will not be able to sell any art to help financially.  I am concerned that I will not be able to create more art, once I do not have the stress and frustration of the daily grind.

I worry that I will just fail and bring the household down with me.

I just cannot do it any more.  Working at a fast food joint slinging burgers or taking orders is more appealing then going into work tomorrow.  If I had fewer morals, I might have just walked off the job several years ago.

I have morals and I am pretty stubborn.  I do have my limits and they have been reached.

Sad and true.


My spouse worries about me when I paint or draw “weird” things.  I told him to worry more when I am not painting these things.  It means I am to far gone.  This is called “Fit.”  It is black and white acrylic on canvas.



Change of Pace

When I create a drawing or painting, all of my faculties work together.  They are all on the same page, working to a common goal.  Every so often the harmony is lost and I am not able to continue in my current medium or style.  When that happens you have to change things up.

So many things have to work together to create art.  Hands, eyes, brain, lighting, bushes, paint, pens, ink, and mood to name a few.  If any of these things is off or out of balance, the art will suffer.  The artist may set it aside until balance is restored or destroy it and work on something else.

Most of the time I will keep the piece in progress for a week or two.  Any longer and I know I will not finish the piece.  I work on something until it is done.  The down side is that I get burnt out on a style pretty quickly. This leads to times of inactivity or significant changes in style and medium.

Change is not a bad thing.  It keeps the mind from getting stuck in a rut.  It keeps the body fresh and happy.  It keeps the art stores in business.  It keeps the fans from getting bored with your work also.

This week I tried to work on a Valentines themed drawing.  It was not awesome.  Despite all the planning and sketching, my mind lost focus, and the whole thing turned out terrible.  I tossed it as soon as I realized that it was not going to turn out.  I may revisit it later, but it is doubtful.  I will probably work on something completely different.

20160109_134609To keep up the creative pace I chose to paint something instead.  I saw a great landscape on one of my walks in January. I took a few reference photos, mostly to ensure I got the colors close.  I was feeling kind of solitary, mellow, yet kind of happy.  Happy that I had time alone and I could enjoy it.

I wanted to paint this as soon as I got home, but I was working on two other things already.  I sketched it out and painted it in my mind.  Waiting for a lull in the ideas for pen and ink.


Only about 8 hours, but worth every second.