Updating the Shop!

I am working on adding my new items to the e-store.
I got all the postcards in,  I have to edit some more photos so I can get the greeting cards and 8×10 prints up.
I hope to have everything up tomorrow.
This is a bit late, I should have had this all done by Thanksgiving.  That, of course, would have been hard seeing how I only had a few of the things created then.
This is probably the last group of creations I will be getting prints of.  I will not be able to afford new prints for quite a while.  Prints and cards are rather expensive to get created.
I will not stop making art.  If you wish to support me (and get free stuff out of it) check out my Patreon page.  Patreon is a way for art fans to support artists by pledging an amount of money based off work done.  Basically I create art, show it off on Patreon, you think I did good and patronize me for the good work.  In return you will get cool things based off the amount you pledge.
You can get some awesome art, inside tips and tricks, early access to content and the good feeling of supporting a local artist reach great heights.  At the higher levels (of my pledge tree) you can even get a commissioned piece.  Something made just for you.
You can check out my Patreon at this link or the link at the top of this blogsite.
PS: Patreon patrons (how weird is that to say) will have access to something I have created that I have not shown anyone else.
Here are a few of the things I framed today.  They are all items I had done this year and just got printed.



Knock on Wood

Yesterday (Wednesday) started out pretty well.

The good started on Tuesday.  I got paid for PAX (earlier than expected -WOOT) and paid for my part time gig.   I was able to plan out how to take care of some bills.

Tuesday evening was productive, painted and ordered postcard prints of a few of my creations.  Even though it was cold,  I dyed my hair purple. I got things done and was pleased with my progress.

Work was pretty easy (Wednesday.)  There are still things I am not sure about with the job, but I can count things (most of the time!)  Even the ride back home was mellow.  I got to chat with a new co-worker.

Then the financial issue rears it’s ugly head.  Now I have no access to my pay checks to order prints or post new art on Etsy.  I have a few dollars in cash and I just put money on my bus card (thank goodness.)

When (if) the bank calls me back, I can try to get things coordinated again.  Forward movement is great.  Being stuck in a pit or haning off a broken rope bridge is not fun.  It is worse when there are things activly pushing you back down.  Be it slippery pit walls or Mola Ram trying to take your heart out, up and out is the goal.

In art related news:

  • Today is new time lapse thursday!  Check out my Youtube Channel for the new video!  Subscribe so I can get a personalized URL 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC42kveNaEeIK0qrF4KeFU7A
  • Stuff is on Etsy.  I have some prints and several original creations.
    • I am looking for feedback on improving my listings.
    • I hope that you will share my store with people who are interested in buying art.
  • I have two creations on my table.  Both are in preparation for Jet City Comic Show.
    • I have a whole bunch of others in the final stages of planning.  Even a few for Inktober.


Up Coming Events!

  • Spooked in Seattle Bizarre Bizaar – October 28th.  I will be selling the spookiest of my creations, including some new ones (duh!)
  • Jet City Comic Show – November 4th and 5th.  I am a guest of TerraCrux Games!  Nerdy Fan art will be on sale.  Plus help me pay for Holiday RAWk by purchasing a print pack!
  • Holiday RAWk – December 13th.  My second attempt to particpate in a RAW Seattle event.   This time there is a lot of notice and I will be creating Christmas and other Holiday season art for this.


As soon as I have my finances straight  I will be setting up print packs.  They will be on sale on Facebook and Etsy as well as any events I am able to do.  Remember support a living artist.  We need the money and acknowledgement.  The dead artists are well past those needs.  ❤


Djinn (genie) based off some art from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.  I will have prints of this available at Jet City Comic Show.



The Uncertainty Continues

I am in a deep pit of fear right now.

There are a lot of things that are uncertain, causing fear.

There are a lot of things that will change, causing fear.

The fear has left me unable keep on top of what needs to be done. I am frozen.

I have been working hard to keep myself together. Be strong and happy. The worry eats away at me daily. I know it does my spouse as well.

I have tried getting the assistance that we all pay into. However, we have no children and are not disabled. We do not qualify for most programs. The best we get is food stamps. Of course, something is better than nothing right now.


A cloud art that I created a few years ago after recovering from a very bad week. Ink wash and Pen and ink lines.

 I am lost at what else I can do. I have filled out so many forms, and they all get rejected or denied. I have applied for so many jobs I do not even remember most of them. I did have one call me back, but told me the position was quite a ways out of my travel zone.

I have slowly, so slowly, been selling my services. A few people have purchased my art. I have also done a few portrait commissions. I try to keep creating through all the uncertainty.

I have had a few companies contact me about my art, that makes me happy. Then I find out they want me to pay to be in their magazine or event. I understand their need to ensure they make money on their product. I do not understand why the fees are so high for most of them. You are going to be selling the product and generating income off that. Paying for the “exposure,” the doom of artists.

Otherwise most of the interst is not of the paying variety.  I am happy that people like my art, but it does not help me much if it does not leave my possession.  $10 is not a lot of money to a lot of people.  $10 is something to me.

I feel like a deer in a meadow. Everything looks great and safe, yet there are predators on one side of the woods and a company cutting down the trees on the other.

Where am I supposed to go?

What am I supposed to do?

For now I will just keep applying for jobs.

Keep sharing my art for sale. Keep creating art.

Keep applying for assistance.

Keep looking for others who might help out.

Do my best not to be bitter.

Work on keep a positive outlook.

RAW Seattle

At the beginning of last week I was contacted via Instagram DM regarding an art show in Seattle. After talking to them (and my spouse) I decided to go ahead and take a risk. It might be great for me. If nothing else I will learn something.

Why is it a risk?

This is a show that asks you to sell tickets to cover your booth fees.

I do not have a great record in the selling things area. I joke that I could not sell water to a dehydrated billionaire in the desert. Sad, but true. I can make all kinds of things and I can provide an excellent experience during the transaction, but I have never been great at selling.

We all have our thing and I understand that selling is just not one of my skills.

That is okay though.

I have friends. I have reached out to my friends and I hope that they will reach out to their friends. Through networking I hope I can sell the 20 tickets I need to sell.

About the Event:

This event is hosted by RAW Artists. It will be at Studio 7 in Seattle. It is a two day show, September 6th and 7th. I will be showing my art on the 6th. Any tickets purchased are good for either day (how awesome is that!)

I am working on something to create that is show specific. The plan is to give one to each person who purchase a ticket.

Buy a ticket, get free art


Buy art and get a ticket to an art show.

To purchase tickets please visit my RAW Artist profile page. Click the “Buy Tickets” button and fill out the information.

–Now the Personal Bit–

I am freaking out about this.

Why on earth did I do this?

How am I going to sell stuff when I SUCK at it?

What am I going to do?

I already have PAX, demanding part time job, art, and NO MONEY. Now I have to add an art show.

WTF Carissa!

Freaking out.

I do not know what the heck I am doing.

I am just doing it.

Art By Carissa-RAW Seattle presents FIXATE

Music and Art at Wright Park

MAWP_poster_instagramOn Saturday August 12th I will be a vendor at MAWP in Tacoma, WA.

I will have tons of original art for sale “priced to move.”

Some of it has never been shared so make sure you stop by and see what I pulled out of the storage closets.

I am always surprised when I start pulling things out of all the hidey holes around the house. I have even found a few rolls of paper that I have not drawn on yet!

Check out the webstore at www.artbycarissac.shop or select the “Shop” button at the top of the Page.

I will be posting “easy to ship” items on Etsy, www.etsy.com/shop/artbycarissac.

If you can not afford to purchase a whole item, check out www.patreon.com/artbycarissac. Every dollar helps me keep doing art. I have some great rewards, like commissions and prints. You will also get early news and patron only content.

Have a great August!

Sale Sale Sale

The end of summer is close at hand.
I am having a “priced to move” sale.
If you have read any of my other posts you may know I am in a tight financial situation.  My goal is to lessen the burden a bit.
I also need to “clean house” in a huge way.  I have no space left on my walls to hand new things!  It is time for this “old” stuff to go.
I will be listing things in two places (dare I?)  My Etsy store, http://www.etsy.com/shop/artbycarissac
and on the store at my art website (or click the shop button at the top of the page.)
The discount codes for the website are
  • ByeSummer17Original  — This is 40% off any time that is an original.
  • ByeSummer2017Cards   — This will get you 20% off on any greeting card or set of cards.
  • ByeSummer2017Prints   — This will get you 20% off on any greeting card or set of cards.
I have more control over the website store, so the prices will be easier to negotiate.
That is right.  I will negotiate!  Send me a message and we can negotiate on larger orders (either $50 + OR 8+ items.)
The best deals will be on original art, but the prints and cards are also discounted.
This sale will go on until the majority of the original art is sold OR until the end of September 2017, which ever happens first.
I will also be at Music and Art in Wright Park on August 12th.  My rock bottom prices will be with me.  I am loading up as much of my original art as I can fit and selling it.
  • You want paintings statement sized canvas paintings?  Oooo have I got it.
  • You want small illustration type art?  Lots of that.
  • You like creepy art? I have it and there is always more in the works!
  • You like landsapes or seascapes?  I have it.
  • You like art that makes you think or feel?  I definitely have that.
  • You like abstracts?  I have that.
  • You like silly art?  I have it.
  • You like floral art?  All over it.
 You want cheap art?  You came to the right place.
You want good quality art?  I have it. BONUS it is on sale!

I am Making Videos

For the past two weeks I have been working on getting videos for my YouTube Channel. It is pretty time consuming. Between making sure the video segments are in the right order, to adding captions, comments, titles and credits I have watched each video fix or six times. THEN you have to add music. Not just any music. You have to source some free to use music that is appropriate for your piece.

It is hard work!

I have made it through five videos and posted them. One is tutorial-esque. It is not the greatest, I start talking quietly after the first few minutes. But you must learn from your mistakes! I have been learning a ton with this endeavor.

I have done what I can to get everything “nice” and professional. I am far from where I would like to be. I did monetize my YouTube. I discovered that I cannot get a custom URL until it has been 30 days or a huge number of views. In 3 weeks I will be able to change my channel name from

I have been slow to get my current project out. I have gotten a part time job that is a lot more physical than I am used to. It also starts early in the morning. By the time afternoon comes I am beat and do not have much energy to art. Once my body is used to the new routine I will be back to arting on a regular basis.

This is the video I did for one of my projects. It is the Four Skull Experiment!

I do not have a “premium” plan for this site.  I cannot upload video.  I can link it though.

I also have prints for sale in my shop.  Just hit the “SHOP” button in the navigation menu.

I also have a giant poster, 24x 36 inches, framed, on archival photo paper for sale.  $80 USD plus shipping and it is yours.