Knock on Wood

Yesterday (Wednesday) started out pretty well.

The good started on Tuesday.  I got paid for PAX (earlier than expected -WOOT) and paid for my part time gig.   I was able to plan out how to take care of some bills.

Tuesday evening was productive, painted and ordered postcard prints of a few of my creations.  Even though it was cold,  I dyed my hair purple. I got things done and was pleased with my progress.

Work was pretty easy (Wednesday.)  There are still things I am not sure about with the job, but I can count things (most of the time!)  Even the ride back home was mellow.  I got to chat with a new co-worker.

Then the financial issue rears it’s ugly head.  Now I have no access to my pay checks to order prints or post new art on Etsy.  I have a few dollars in cash and I just put money on my bus card (thank goodness.)

When (if) the bank calls me back, I can try to get things coordinated again.  Forward movement is great.  Being stuck in a pit or haning off a broken rope bridge is not fun.  It is worse when there are things activly pushing you back down.  Be it slippery pit walls or Mola Ram trying to take your heart out, up and out is the goal.

In art related news:

  • Today is new time lapse thursday!  Check out my Youtube Channel for the new video!  Subscribe so I can get a personalized URL 🙂
  • Stuff is on Etsy.  I have some prints and several original creations.
    • I am looking for feedback on improving my listings.
    • I hope that you will share my store with people who are interested in buying art.
  • I have two creations on my table.  Both are in preparation for Jet City Comic Show.
    • I have a whole bunch of others in the final stages of planning.  Even a few for Inktober.


Up Coming Events!

  • Spooked in Seattle Bizarre Bizaar – October 28th.  I will be selling the spookiest of my creations, including some new ones (duh!)
  • Jet City Comic Show – November 4th and 5th.  I am a guest of TerraCrux Games!  Nerdy Fan art will be on sale.  Plus help me pay for Holiday RAWk by purchasing a print pack!
  • Holiday RAWk – December 13th.  My second attempt to particpate in a RAW Seattle event.   This time there is a lot of notice and I will be creating Christmas and other Holiday season art for this.


As soon as I have my finances straight  I will be setting up print packs.  They will be on sale on Facebook and Etsy as well as any events I am able to do.  Remember support a living artist.  We need the money and acknowledgement.  The dead artists are well past those needs.  ❤


Djinn (genie) based off some art from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.  I will have prints of this available at Jet City Comic Show.



A Little Low

There are days when I feel more negative things than positive.

I do my best to keep it from leaking out, but I am sure people can tell.

I can usually pick myself up by writing things out, so here goes!

Yesterday was a pretty bad day. I am not even sure why it was bad. I was productive. I worked on art, prepped this blog post, completed several chores, and took pictures in a cemetery. Honestly, it was a pretty productive day.

So why did I feel so useless and empty?

I am kind of angry also. Angry that people got straight to “hormones” whenever a female is not feeling like they usually do. Angry that most of what I am can be attributed to a good or bad hormone day.

I am also angry at my current financial situation. The only thing I could have done to make it better was stay where I was, slowly getting sadder and sadder, and fatter and fatter. I do not think that giving up my physical and mental health was worth the wage I received anymore.

There are other things I am angry about my financial situation, but I need to work those out with my spouse.

Maybe I am not feeling useless and empty, maybe I am just angry at a lot of things, most of which I have no control over. That could be a good answer.

I have a large commission coming up. I have to fine tune the sketches and confer with my client. This will be a good thing, it means keeping busy, creating income and getting out and exercising.

I have a small painting I am finishing up.

I have the prospect of another mural for a business and two more events. Things may or may not be as bad as I think or envision. I just need to keep taking the steps to make things work.

I am feeling a bit of the hope coming back.

Ribbon Gymnast in a comet

Almost done, just a few things to fix. I like the silhouette in this one much more than version 1.

I Wish

There are a lot of things I can say I wish for on a regular basis.

The big one right now is…

I wish I had not developed asthma. When I have an attack I am unmotivated, listless, confused, and lethargic. It takes me a while to realize that I am having an attack, because I am easily confused and listless.  When I realize I am not “normal” it has been a few weeks. 

Ot seems to be happening mostly in the spring, when therw are more allergens.  I end up increasing both my asthma and allergy medication doses for a week or so. It does not make me happy to do so.

I have been trying to get ready for a smallish art show in May, my first. Having this delay is not awesome. How am I supposed to have cool stuff if I cannot focus on making things?

It jas taken about a month, but I finally finished this. 


New Button

It has been a while since I posted last.

I have been busy, busy.

I have been creating more art, of course.  I also got a bunch of prints of my existing work.  I also set up an E-Store.

My E-store is live!  I added a button in the navigation bar that will take you to it.  Please stop in and see if you like my stuff… maybe buy something *wink, wink, nudge, nudge.*

I below are my most recent creations.

The Maw, Explosive Love and Love Charm.

The Maw started as a sketch.  I liked it so much I painted it.  It is 2ft by 4ft.  I am trying to find a really cool frame for it.

The other two were done for Valentine’s Day.  I did not get my store up an running with enough time for people to order them for the holiday.  I am a bit sad about it, but it made me do what needed to be done.  I have been putting off the store for a few years.

I pushed myself really hard to get everything up and running for Valentine’s Day.  I am taking a bit of time to do nothing. Well, mostly nothing.  I am working on another Secret Language of Flowers piece.  I am just taking my time.  I am also working on another painting.  It is significantly smaller, more of a test run.  I hope that this will be something that I can put on a larger canvas.

Silent and Plotting

I have not been doing nothing while failing to post anything on my blog.

I have been creating new art and planning.

I am not going to share the plans yet.  Every time I do something seems to happen to keep me from following through.  Not failing to follow through this year.  This year stuff will happen.

I have finished some things that I started earlier in 2016 and done so many new things since I last posted.

I am getting better at drawing and painting as well.  It is great to see the changes in my style.  Seeing the things that stay the same and the things that change.  All it takes is practice, lots of practice.

Here are two of the things I got done last year.

There is so much more to come!

Click on the pictures so you can read my captions!  They explain the art a bit.



I find it hard to keep up with my blog AND create art.  I kind of think that the blog is a passive activity and creating art is the active activity. I talk about art and doing art in the blog but when I am not typing about art I can create it. So talking about it takes away from the doing.

This is not entirely true though.  The only reason I even started actually creating art is due, in large part, to this blog.  It got me in the frame of mind to actually work on my dream.

It is still hard to keep up with the blog.

Things are going well, overall.  I am creating art, about two creations a month.  Quite prolific for someone who is only doing it when I am not at work or tired from work.  I would like to do more, but I just do not have the energy or focus at the moment.

I have a double sided whiteboard on wheels that I have filled with “to create” items.  I am slowly working on it.  I have three things in active progress, at the moment.  I am keeping busy and on track.  I do get sidetracked, like this posts creation.

This drawing/painting is really cool.  No matter orientation it is viewed, it still works!  I am super excited. I never expected it to work out so well. ^_^  It was done with Higgins Black Magic Ink and lots of water.  I draw the lines out and then fill in the shading or colors with a tiny brush.  I really like the effect.

I will be posting some color ones in a few months, when I get the series done.



Following the Road

I am making PROGRESS!

Once I set my sights on where I want to go, I started taking steps to make it happen.  Well, I planned out some steps, mini goals, and I am finally seeing results.

Last year I spent most of my time creating.  Mostly drawing, some painting, and learning.  Reading about being an Artist as a business, watching other artists and making friends (well trying to.)

This year I am proud to say that I have been able to get things out to the world.

It is not as easy as people would think.  You do not just make stuff and mass produce it.

You have to plan things, ask and answer questions.

Do I want to do limited runs?  How many?  How much space do I have, how many can I store?

What kind of paper?  Sizes?  Postcards, stickers?

What should I charge?  Etsy, Shopify, WordPress store, something else?  Art fairs?


So many questions!

But I will not be derailed.  I will stay on my path and get to where I am going.

I am still undecided on several things, well almost everything.  But I will figure it out.

Right now I am going to celebrate getting my first print done and off to its new home.

Yay Me!


The little one on top is the original.  The large one right under is 13×18 inches.  I scanned them at 3200 dpi.  I can go bigger!  I am so excited.