Some WordArt

This week I spent my drawing/doodling time creating some word art for each of the colors of pens that I have.  IT was a fun little project and I got to try different things for the different words.

As simple as “RED” is it took the longest at 3 hours.  “BLACK” was the fastest at 1 hour.

I also spent some time on my new big project.


Goopy Brown stuff.  Micron Pen


Rubbery Orange, Micron Pen


Glowing Red, Micron Pen


White on Black, snow in the dark?  GellyRoll Pen


Fancy Black, Copic Pen


Green will always be nature related to me, Micron Pen


This one has been shared but is part of the set. Pilot Hi-Tec-C Pen

2015-07-25 16.18.03

What happens when one is not thinking ahead. Pilot Hi-Tec-C Pen


Back to the Small Paper

I finished my big drawing
I am working on getting good photos. It is hard to do when it does not want to stay on the wall, even for a few minutes. A difficult “model” to work with. I may need to wrangle my spouse into being a human easel. 🙂

Until I start a new one, we are back to daily doodles!

I got some cool pens a while ago. They are ultra fine at .03 mm, .05mm is the smallest art pen I have ever used.  The Hi-Tec-C by Pilot comes in different colors and has the finest point I have ever used.  It is awesome.


I could not think of any neat things to draw in purple. Then I realized that Purple is neat all on its own.


This is a dual purpose picture. Showing off the awesome blue Hi-Tec-C pen and my nifty nail wraps. Burtonesque from Espionage Cosmetics, my second favorite design.


There are many things that I avoid because I know they will swallow me up and I will not do what I need to do or want to do. TV for example. Sucks you in and you emerge blinking and with no clue what happened.
I try to avoid getting angry. It just consumes all reason, and does not usually solves the problem. You usually  end up looking like an ass in the end.
This week was tough. I spent my weekend running around and with people. Instead of resting and recharging. This is bound to run anyone’s temper a bit thin. In addition it was hot  (for me anyway,) another contributing factor. Then… well lets just say a reoccurring dispute raised its head. It was my final straw.
Now I am angry. The simmering, consuming kind. The kind that does not go away until things are resolved or something breaks.
On the plus side, I painted this weekend. I also drew a creepy fish.  Enjoy!


Creepy fangfish ( anger,) eating a representation of me. Nomnomnom.


Lots of calming blue and some bubbles. Who can stay mad with bubbles?


More bubbles. Still angry... Bubbles, You have failed me!

Different Strokes

This year I set up some pretty good goals for myself. One of the goals was to do 12 pieces of “fine art.” A sub-goal, that I did not post, was to try different styles so I could learn. This post is the result of reaching that goal.

On dark and foggy morning... I took a photo with my cell phone.

On dark and foggy morning… I took a photo with my cell phone.

In the foggy depths of my morning commute to work (walking,) I took several photos. One was a view of a street on the other side of an over pass. It had this ethereal quality to it, like the lights might wink out at any moment, or maybe start moving, like some sort of foxfire torches in a parade. There was very little color and the trees made a very nice dark screen to complete the mood.

Once I had a good moment to look at the photo I took I decided I would paint it. Not just paint it, but try a different style. I had just been reading about Van Gough and thought that a “Starry Night” treatment could work. I did a teeny bit of research on Van Gough’s brush strokes. I wanted the feel but not the look. It still needed to be mine.

The second painting would be in my normal style, with a color treatment to the lights. Streetlight yellow is to boring for me. Blue would be a neat color and I have an awesome blue that looks great when blended with black or white.

Let’s do this!

I really wanted to do both on 2 panels, but I only had 2 that were the same size. I chose to do the Van Gough version on the two panels and mine on the single panel (probably would have been easier to do it the other way around honestly.)

Street Lights.  Lots of motion and vibrancy for such a foggy morning.

Street Lights. Lots of motion and vibrancy for such a foggy morning.

I started with the Van Gough version. I did not expect the intensity that came with the shorter strokes. “More, MoRe, MORE!” was all my brain and body kept shouting at me. I had such a hard time focusing on the strokes. “Faster, FAstER, FASTER!” My heart was racing and my arms were shaking. I had to stop every 10 – 15 minutes to get control of my mind and body. I have a new respect for anyone who paints with short strokes or in pointillism. It is challenging.

In the end it I think the piece looks like Van Gough ran into Seurat. Globs of paint that slide a bit and stop, then jump to the next. I have not officially named it, I am calling it ‘Street Lights’ for now. I am not sure I even like it. It was very challenging to do, and I learned while doing it. I doubt I will do it again though. I did not like the way I felt while I was painting. Frenzied is the best word I can think of to describe the actions. (It affects me even now, as I type. Frenzied words come from my fingers and my heart is racing. Strong stuff.)

Now my style! I like things calm and smooth. I like to relax and meditate over the strokes. I like to have through blends (where appropriate) and things should flow from one area to the next with little interruption and as few bumps as possible. It really reflects my personality and is probably why I had such an extreme reaction to the other style.

Eldritch Lights Nice and clam, a wee bit creepy, and much more like a foggy morning.

Eldritch Lights
Nice and clam, a wee bit creepy, and much more like a foggy morning.

I ended up doing this version (officially named’ Eldritch Lights’) three times. The first time the matte varnish was clumpy and very streaky. Something I have had issues with in the past, but I was hoping a new bottle would resolve the problems. Nope! I painted over it and tried again. I used a semi-gloss varnish on the second one and it cracked around the spots the other varnish streaked and pulled much of the paint away from the thick areas.

Third times a charm!

I stretched a new canvas and started from a clean slate. It may not look like it, but the trees are full of “fiddly bits” that are time consuming to paint. They require lots of concentration and control. 10-15 minutes of work and I had to walk away to relax my arm and mind. I got it done and I will not varnish it until I can find one that will not mess it up.

In the end I learned while on this project and I got 2 paintings out of one photo (and a LONG blog post.)

Thank you for reading and enjoying my work.

To much? A set of thoughts I am having.

I have come to the conclusion that I want to do to much in a small amount of time.  Well…  maybe that is a bad way to put it.  I want to bake the cake from scratch, frost it and then eat it.  If you only have an hour it is not possible to do all three things.  Two of the three maybe, but not all three.

I can not seem to keep focused on any one task right now.  I have so many things started and no real desire to finish them.  My paintings are already done; in my mind they are done.  But I cannot do an art exhibit with the images in my head.  We do not have the technology for that yet.  Some of the things I need to do require me sitting still and thinking about them.  I really don’t want to think about anything right now.  I want to turn into a vegetable and hide in the ground ( a carrot, beet or some other root veg.)

There is just to much going on in my head.  I have tried all sorts of things to get the things organized, but to no avail (woo, spelt that right on the first try!) I was hoping that posting my “to do” list here would help me keep on task, but it has not really helped.  I still have not gone through my PAX2013 photos, I have not finished my mini monochrome painting.  In fact I just started two more paintings!  I have not worked on my WP Theme at all, and I have lost most of my drive to work on the stuff I need to do for my internship.  Oh, and I am moving.

I am usually pretty good about doing the stuff that HAS to be done.  One can push through being uninspired or even work when physically and/or mentally tired.  But when you are lost in your “to do” list, you just get lost.  Where is the way out?  It’s almost impossible for me to pick a task and work on it.  As soon as I do something with another task rears its head and I end up running to put out that little fire.  Then I forget where I was and have to spend all that time finding my place and train of thought to work on the original task.

I am pretty sure part of my problem right now is the moving thing.  Packing and setting up a new house is time consuming and takes a lot of mental and physical work.  Plus it is a change in my lifestyle and mental state.  A lot of my future activities hing on this move. I keep getting into a thought circle of future plans, lots of what-ifs and things that need to be done, that I cannot do anything about until a future date.  Thinking is starting to be a problem… darn it, I like thinking.

Why didn’t I get my degree in graphics?  Oh yeah,  it’s easy for me.  Coding and web design is hard.  One hour of coding takes more mental energy from me than I spend doing 12 hours of graphic design, and I have more to show from the graphic design.  If I ever have the motivation to work on anything, I am sure I could do wonders.  Practice will improve my skills, but I am not really in love with any ideas or concepts right now.  That lack of love is making it hard to be interested in and work on things, especially things that will help me with my chosen career. 

Is my day job part of the problem?  Totally!  I am so tired of my dead end job.  I keep thinking that I should find a new job, or change departments.  As comfy as I am, I am bored out of my gourd.  I get super complacent (really, really, really lazy) and I still can not seem to do anything bad or wrong.  The job is either to easy or I am just that good.  Probably both.  Either way, I need to move on really soon.  Maybe after I move. 

SEE!! That stupid move has me stuck!  Always, after this, after that.  There is never going to be an after, just like tomorrow never really comes.  Tomorrow turns into today, after turns into now.  Argh…

I think I am done for tonight.

I am going to finish my painting inspired by the belly dancers I saw tonight.  The red one will be done tonight, but the blue one is going to take a day or two.  There is more detail on it.