Special Request

I was not sure what to draw today.

Then a co-worker asked me to draw them “going postal.”

I know what they meant… and I know it was not this.  It is what they get 😉

I am not sure what is really going on.  Someone is quitting their job and joining the USPS.  Lack of postage seems to have something to do with it, since they left a stamp on their resignation letter and the words “Insufficient Postage” on it.


I am not sure what the straw that broke this camels back was, but it seems that it had to do with short postage… I do not think joining USPS is going to make things better. On the other hand things do not always make sense when one goes postal.


A Little Stuck

Today was one of those days where things just did not want to go smoothly.
Nothing big or drastically important happened, but all the little things add up.
In addition I am still exhausted from the walking yesterday and not being able to sleep (stupid brain…)

I did a little doodle at work of a snorkel sticking out of the sand in a desert. I am not sure how better having a snorkel would be while one is buried in the desert.  Sometimes things like that just do not come into the mind when an idea comes into your head.
Perhaps it means that you can last until someone finds you. Je ne sai pas… I do not know…

Harold, on the other hand, is in a bit of a different predicament. He looks to have been buried in the desert. I wonder if his odd desert attire had something to do with it…
Practicality speaking, I would think the sand would get into the snorkel and clog it up. It could also just collect more sand and get covered up.  Seeing at that point would be useless. 
Again, not like logic has much of a role in art.


Book review: Serenity Rose -10 Awkward Years ~ Aaron Alexovich

I am having a hard time picking my favorite acquisition from Emerald City Comicon 2015. I did not pick up very much, six books (2 are not comics) a set of comics, two prints and a tee shirt. I cannot choose which one is my favorite. Maybe I am just hung up on how awesome my green hair was.


Serenity Rose book cover.
Check it out on http://www.heartshapedskull.com/

Serenity Rose is the first graphic novel /comic book that I have done a review on.  Not the first I have read, but the first I really want to share. It is 500 pages of interesting story and awesome art.

Serenity Rose prefers to go by Sera. Sera is a witch. The only witch living in Crestfallen, a city in a parallel universe. I feel like it is located in New Hampshire or there about. There are a few pages in the book about Crestfallen and its history.  I just did not memorize them.  I am such a bad reader some times.

Sera is a bit of a recluse, she has had a rough life. Being one of only 5 witches in the USA, she was put on display a lot as a child. Now as a young adult she prefers to hang out in her room. She has a pretty boring life until she gets talked into going to a concert with a friend and ends up fighting a vampire. Things take off pretty quickly.  Especially once she gets fed up with herself and how her life is not going anywhere. She discovers lot about herself once things get moving and even makes friends with another witch.

A story of coming into one’s own and discovering what makes you unique and happy.

Read the forward, but after you finish the book. I read it first and I had some preconceived notions about the story. Reading the forward after links up things without messing with the story and will give you a few “ah-ha” moments. Those are always fun.

I was kind of hesitant to buy this at first. Most big graphic novels that started as comics can get kind of repetitive and boring. I have trouble staying interested and I will put it aside. Another thing that caused hesitation was the size of the book. It is 500 pages and could probably take out a few zombies if you swing it about. I did not want to lug it around all day. Then there is the “filler” content. That can be boring and pointless also.

This book is NOT boring or repetitive. I had to stop and digest every 80-100 pages, a good sign. This book was action packed. Lots of random and cool monsters, thought provoking statements and the art sets the mood well.

This book could probably be a good novel, sans pictures, but the art really adds so much. You are really able to identify with Sera better. You can see her shrink away when she is afraid; get taller when she is angry or brave. You can catch the nuances of the characters with the art.  Words probably would just get in the way.

Yes it is huge. I would not want to drop it on my foot. Once I started reading it, the size did not matter. Every time I stopped reading, I would put the ribbon (it comes with a book mark ribbon) in my place and look to see where I was. Sometimes I was disappointed and sometimes I was amazed. When the end came I was sad. I want to know more about Sera and her adventures in Crestfallen and the magic based world she inhabits.

As for the filler it is all written by Mr. Alexovich. There are some awesome afterwards from the original comics, some cute “Dear Abby” Q and A. There is even some fan art hiding in the back. All-in-all, AWESOME!

This is staying on my private book case. I am afraid I might not get it back if I lent it out.


Exercise Day

Everyday we put things off that are easy to do or good for us.  I am no exception (just re-ordered my allergy meds… 4 days after I ran out.)

Gym day, for me, is a condensed version of what goes through my head when I procrastinate.  I thought I would draw it out today.

Yes my hair is usually this messy. I gave up trying to control it.

I took 8 photos and this was the best one.  I really need to start using the scanner… 😉


Elation to regret, negotiation to doing, and in the end you can take on the world.

Feed Me... Brains

Feed Me…

I got lots of good comments from my co-workers to work with today.

Feed Me... Brains

Stuck in the basement, Audrey III, lives and grows off the brains of burnt out office workers.

I chose… “Sometimes I think this place eats my brain.”  What else would you expect from a horror fan?

I really do like the Micron pens better than the Faber-Castell pens.  Next pay day I am going to get a set of Micron pens so I can stop using the larger Faber-Castell pens.

I have two ideas for tomorrow.  Soul Sucking or a Paper Pool.  There could be other ideas, it promises to be an interesting day tomorrow.

P.S. I apologize for the blurry photo.  I will get a scanner one day I promise!


Brain Trust

Most of us have had a job that does not take much brain power to do.  My spouse has just gotten one of those. Needless to say he comes home claiming to have lost IQ points.

Since I got my drawing pens I figured I would practice and draw something that would reflect his new job.

A Brain Check. Like a Coat Check but for brains!  Complete with kind of iffy looking attendant.


Brain Trust. A Coat Check for your brain. Use with caution, they seem a little shady. 😉

On a more professional note…

I remembered one of the reasons why I have not done much drawing in the past.  It takes FOREVER.  The above illustration (comic if you want to call it that) took two hours.  I started sitting nice and tall and took brakes every 15 min or so.  Yet I was still hunched over my table, my face inches from the end of the pen.

I apologize to any of my artist friend who I may have insulted.  Drawing is hard and time consuming.  You have to plan EVERYTHING.  Double check your lines and make sure you are not pressing to hard with your pencil.  You never know how the image will scan or photograph.  ugh…

Props to all you pen and ink artists.

I have two different brands of pens that I am using.  Faber-Castell (came in a set) and Micron (bought the two smallest sizes.)  I am really preferring the Micron pens.  They seem smoother when I draw with them. I also like having the size on the pen. 005 or 02 is more meaningful to me than S or B.

Night All!