Slow Week, Art Wise

I have not done a lot of art this week.  I did a lot of cleaning over the weekend, worked, errands, and just kind of recovered from the rush of the skulls.  Sometimes doing a series in a rush, like I did, just drain the artist and a recovery period is needed.  I do not do much cleaning when I am in a rush like I was, so that was a huge thing to get done.
My cell phone died on Valentines day.  I woke up and the alarm had not gone off, the screen would not turn on and the notification light was blinking away.  I spend most of the day running around doing errands.  I had to take stuff back to the print shop because the prints were not cut right and some of the cards had weird lines on the insides… Can not sell stuff that is messed up!
Today I did a loose illustration style ink wash painting of one of my cats, Nunzio (he is named after a body guard in the Myth Adventures book series.  Totally worth reading if you like punny stories.)  I was going for something that reminded me of a storybook that I might have read as a child, something that is still used in books or in magazines.
This style was hard to do!  I like to have details and vibrant colors and a lot more definition in my work.  Not with this style.  This is pale, low color saturation, and just loose, and soft.  It was so hard to stop adding things.
I also did this on watercolor paper, usually I use Bristol, which is very smooth and a brilliant white.  Watercolor paper let the inks bleed and feather more easily, so things are just naturally softer.  I did not have to work as hard to make them seem soft.
I will be doing several more in this style on the watercolor paper.  I have been practicing drawing people so I can freehand them on this paper.  I have to practice and not use my light table like I would normally.  I got a watercolor paper block.  Which is a bunch of sheets of paper glued together on the sides.  This helps prevent warping for those of use who are to lazy to stretch or iron our paper (I did not even know that was a thing until last year.)
I am trying to get my Instagram account follower numbers up to 300.  When I get there I am going to do a drawing for a mouse pad with the Grunge Skull on it.  If you are interested in a super cool mouse pad follow me on Instagram @bycarissac.


Getting Ready for the Holidays!

Yes, I am.
To get ready for the holidays that come at the end of the year I am….
wait for it….
making art.
Probably not what you were expecting.
I am a bit behind the curve as I only have one Christmas / Holiday themed art piece!
I have been working to remedy that with “25 Days of Christmas.”
My goal is to create 25 winter holiday themed images.  I am going to do my best to work in a few other religions that celebrate winter holidays.  Suggestions are always welcome as I might miss things, or misunderstand something.
Unlike Inktober where the goal was to do line drawings that I could turn into a coloring book, I want to create 25 finished pieces.  Each of these takes about 2 days to do (drying between layers takes a while.)  Even a simple one can take 10-12 hours of work and 10-12 hours of waiting for paint to dry.
To give myself better odds of being able to reach my goal (25 is A LOT) I started around Thanksgiving.
This first one was simple (kind of) to draw and simple to paint, just 4 colors!
Please enjoy the video of me paint this.
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Inktober Week 4

It is almost over!
My right hand is so happy.
I have “mild” carpel tunnel in my right hand, so spending as much time focusing on drawing as I have makes it hurt.  I learn a lot doing this so I think it is worth it.
Today is also the day that a new time-lapse video is uploaded to my YouTube Channel.  Stop by and check it out.
No extras this week.  Things are just very hectic!

Inktober Week 3…

I know this is two days late.
Not awesome stuff has thrown my schedule (such as it is) off.
Here are the seven drawings I did for this week.
13, Kappa
14, Baba Yaga
15, Dullahan (female variety)
16, Alucard from Hellsing
17, Possessed Raggedy Ann Doll
18, A Cursed Mummy Sarcophogus
19, Minotaur and Aristophanes description of Humans before Zeus split them.  I was not happy with my humans so I did the Minotaur.
 I also did two nice little bookmarks in gouache to celebrate Friday the 13th. 🙂
It was nice to not draw for a little while.



Wall of Inspiration

I have a bit of wall next to my workstation that I have other peoples art stuck to. It is nothing fancy. Everything is in plastic sleeves and taped to the wall.

Everything (but one) is something from another artist. I use this wall to… be motivated and inspired.

Wall_TopRight_SmallWall_right_SmallThe most motivational ones come from Deadly Martha. She has cute, creepy, and inspirational art.

  • A skeleton with sneakers “Today is the day.”  You should always be ready to go.
  • A little zombie girl eating brains because “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”
  • A devil bunny reminds me to “Be who you are” and
  • A gas mask to remind me to breath.

There are some artists that I do not know or remember who or where I got the pictures/cards. The two birds “Don’t Worry” and “Leave it to Me” are two. I am not sure where “Caffine is Magic” came from, maybe my spouse… But it is very true.

I have some beautiful landscapes one from Christine Knopp (KikiDoodle) and a lovely scene of a woman reading on the side of a road (I cannot read the artists name.) I find both of these relaxing for different reasons. I like the fox and the warm colors and I identify with the waiting lady. I wait a lot, reading is good to pass the time.

Wall_Left_smallThe one with the hot air balloons, by R. Watts, was the FIRST art I bought. It was also my first convention purchase. I walked past it three or four times (I was broke) and finally bought a small one. It is wonderfully detailed and I wish I could have afforded a larger one.

Now for two of my favorite artists, ones I consider friends.

The one with the jack in the box was done by CD Poe. He has interesting lines, colors and subject matter. A man that loves his horror and coffee. I have more of his art around the house and never get tired of looking at it. He even has a coloring book “Color Bits” that I happily own and have worked on coloring.

The girl going Squee and the house were done by Robert Tritthardt. Truly a master of lines. I have a lot of his other non-comic related art all over the house. I read his comics, “Overcast with a Chance of Doom” AND “Writhe and Shine.” The house is from “Overcast” and is the home of Doomie (the girl Squee-ing) and her roomies. It is haunted. It is also full of details that are wonderful and you never really know what is going to happen.

I will be changing up the Wall of Inspiration shortly. I have had this set up for almost a year, it is time to change. I will be taking down the funky canvas (it was a drink and paint I did – I am not a fan of it) and putting up more of other peoples art. I have tons of it now and I want to display as much as I can.


PS The cute but creepy wood knot head was a gift. He has a brother, equally cute and creepy, who hangs in my bedroom. I like them so they hang where I can see them.