Well, That was Unexpected…

I make small and medium sized mistakes all the time.  Usually an apology and correcting the end result fixes things.  However, every year I make one BIG mistake. One that causes me to doubt my intelligence and decision making processes.  Usually the mistake cannot be fixed by anything but time, because it damages my reputation or relationship with a person/organization in some way.


It is still insanity, even with the slight differences.

You would think that I would learn from past behavior and results.  You would think I would remember to ask “Should I do this?” more often.  Since that question would keep these mistakes from answering.  I kind of learn.  I change small things.  This time I used a “stick” instead of poking the proverbial bear with my finger. The bear was also different from the last one I poked.  The thing is, I still poked a bear.  They do not like it.

This time I was able to take action and removed the trigger.  Hopefully that helps.  I also apologized and detailed the steps I took and would take to prevent it from happening again.  I even used the proper apologizing format!

I apologize for (action).  I realize it (the result.)  In the future I will (ways to prevent action from happening again.)


It is still insanity, even with the slight differences.

Any Positives from this?

Not really.  Just some art.  I do not have faith that I will retain the experience and not do it again.  So says my past behavior.  There is only a small chance that my next BIG mistake will be something entirely new.



Back to the Small Paper

I finished my big drawing
I am working on getting good photos. It is hard to do when it does not want to stay on the wall, even for a few minutes. A difficult “model” to work with. I may need to wrangle my spouse into being a human easel. 🙂

Until I start a new one, we are back to daily doodles!

I got some cool pens a while ago. They are ultra fine at .03 mm, .05mm is the smallest art pen I have ever used.  The Hi-Tec-C by Pilot comes in different colors and has the finest point I have ever used.  It is awesome.


I could not think of any neat things to draw in purple. Then I realized that Purple is neat all on its own.


This is a dual purpose picture. Showing off the awesome blue Hi-Tec-C pen and my nifty nail wraps. Burtonesque from Espionage Cosmetics, my second favorite design.


A Month of Sundays

There are lots of sayings we have that are odd.  A month of Sunday’s can be one of those.

“I would like to sleep for a month of Sunday’s.”

“I need a vacation/holiday that lasts a month of Sunday’s.”

How many of us have actually done the math on that?

The average month is 30 days.  That means 30 weeks have to pass for you to have 30 Sundays.  That is over half a year, about 7.5 months.  That is a lot of sleep, or a very long holiday.

Today’s drawing was going to be a depiction of a month of Sunday’s.  It got a little complicated so I drew a cave instead… I am in there hibernating, for 7.5 months.  I might come out after a fortnight of Sunday’s. 😉

I joke.  Fourteen weeks of Sunday’s is way to much for me.  I can barley handle two weeks of straight vacation time, I have no clue how I would deal with fourteen.

Enjoy the cave and all the fun color treatments I gave it in Picasa (it worked today.)


The basic drawing of the cave. All I did was crop it and make the “blacks black.”


I added some warmth to this and a bit of fun with Sepia.


This version has some interesting treatments. Based of the sepia version, I added a blue/green tint to the top half, then added an additional “warmify” layer. I also added a bit of a retro style filter, I just cannot remember which one… shame on me.


No Title Seems to Fit this Post

It has been a little warm for me here in the great Northwest.  Yeah, 85 (ish) is not hot to some, but it is uncomfortably warm for me.  I do not like hot.

I did do some doodles on Friday, but they were very blah, and not worth showing.  I managed to finish one of the drawings in my phobia series late in the evening when the heat had dissipated.  I started on the next one on Saturday.  It is almost done already.


I had fun with this one. It was easy to do and I did not have to force anything.

It is kind of amazing how some works of art just flow out of you, unstoppable and virtually error free.  While others you have to force out, drop by drop.  Both types usually look equally nice.  Personally, I do not get more or less satisfaction from finishing either type.  Both give a type of joy when done.  Easy ones give joy because they were easy and you were at piece most of the time.  Tough ones joy, because it is finally done and you can rest.

The other thing that amazes me…  is how adding black ink makes a pencil drawing so much more alive.  This is really true for a lot of things.  Adding black to paintings for shadows and to add depth really makes certain things “pop” in paintings, makes them almost more real, in a way.  It astounds me to start a drawing in pencil, sketch out everything, exactly where I want it, and then draw it in ink.  It is amazing how much more tangible the final thing is.

It is not an idea anymore.  It has become a real thing.


This one was really hard to get out. I had trouble finding a good view point for reference. Everything just feels wrong to me.


I am not sure if I will be posting anything this week.  It is going to be busy.

I am also still adjusting to not having the convenience of my net-book near my drawing space.  It is a bit annoying to have to move from one work space to another.  I lose my train of thought (one of the reasons for no post of Friday, I got distracted.)

Have a good week!

Another Day Off Please!

I want to go back to bed.  I have all day.
I stYed up ad did my daily doodle. Itwas a half harted attempt, as you can see by one of the hands. I have no clue what happened, it was ok in the pencil drawing.



I hope evyone that got a three day holiday enjoyed it.


Bond, James Bond…. well almost


I am a sneaky spy!

It has been a turmoil week.

Birthday on Monday (not mine,) dead brain on Tuesday (it was pretty crazy,) walking with snails on Wednesday (still mad about that,) another birthday on Thursday (again on mine,) and finally Friday!

Before a long weekend.

And I am going to go to bed at a decent time.  I have stuff to do tomorrow.

Today’s drawing is really from Wednesday, pre-snail walking (that picture will come soon, maybe this weekend…)

On Wednesday I got out of bed, did my normal routine, and started to get dressed.  Then I realized that the Bond theme was playing.  Who does not want to be a spy for a few minutes.  So I did my best sneaky spy impression and got dressed.  It was quite a lot of fun.  I forgot to set my cloths out the night before and was trying to be “sneaky” and get things together.

It was totally fun.  I challenge everyone to play the song and be a spy for a moment.

Circular Thinking

My mind is stuck in a loop of thinking about not much.
I could not get it to focus on drawing anything that would take skill or concentration.
Today we are stuck with lines drawn by a ruler and circles from a small bottle that I keep my nibs in.


All the thoughts that seem random are, in fact, connected. How remains the mystery.