Post ECCC 2018

It is always hard to get motivated to do things after I do a convention (here after referred to as con.)  It is not usually the physical exertion that gets me, it is being much more extroverted that I naturally am.  I liken it to being hung over from staying out to late for a few days in a row.
Today was the “hang” over day.  I could not get my eyes to stay open until 10 am.  My spouse was even worse.  I could not get myself to cook real food or dress in “real” cloths (wearing pajamas all day FTW.)  I read the comic books I purchased.  I highly recommend Bones of the Coast.  It is anthology of horror stories that takes place in the NW. I also picked up Aaron Alexovich’s Stitched.  Cute and I cannot wait to see what happens next.  I eagerly await My Black’s Don’t Match #2 from Drew Rausch.  I just cannot seem to remember to go to the website and read it.  I much prefer the book versions anyway.  I got another anthology, short monster stories, some were cute and some were scary.  I enjoyed it but I picked it up because it was 1, an anthology 2, the cover glows in the dark and 3, Aaron Alexovich did the cover art.  I already shelved it and, being the slug I am today, do not feel like getting up to get the title.
I also acquired several books.  By acquired I mean I did not pay for them.  They were given to me or left for “dead” at the con.  The Lok by Tommy Rice, looks promising. Grunts was given to me so I could “go on a blind date with a book.”  Two others were left in the Alexandria RPG Library and have yet to be unpacked and read.  It will happen.
I got a few peaces of art.  You will want to check my Instagram @bycarissac to see what they were.  The lazy slug in me is to tired to pull them over.  I picked up stickers for the first time.  I did not have a lot of money left on Sunday and I really liked a few things by some of the artists.  I have no clue what to do with the stickers.  I am not going to put them on my laptop.  I would lose them when it dies.  I might just put them on the wall of inspiration as space filler.
I took pictures this year!  I do not usually have a brain cell left at the end of the day to do that.  I saw some awesome stuff.  I love the cosplayers.  They are artists and brave.  One year I would love to do a cosplay.  Time and money and self confidence are not on my side right now.
Time to start on a new piece of art.  I am going to work on something for a contest for the Badass Art Group over the next few days.  We have to create a monochromatic piece in purple.  My favorite color.
Night all!

ECCC Looms

…and I am not as ready as I usually am.
On Thursday Emerald City Comicon kicks off.  For me it starts Wednesday.  I will be setting up the area I supervise and work in.  I have been doing this for 8 or 9 years now, I think.  I have lost track.  Either way, I am an “old hat” at it.  I am also not as ready as I usually am.  This is going to be an interesting year.
During this time I will probably not be doing any art.  I will be running around like a chicken that is missing its head.  I need to try to do some drawing though.  I want to get better at people and this is a great chance to see all kinds of people.  I will bring my sketchbook and what not with me in the hopes that I get something drawn.
I have a video scheduled for Thrusday.  So make sure you go to my Youtube Channel and watch it.  I will schedule a blog post about it as well.  A lot of scheduled content this week.  At least it will go out at a decent time of day and not at nine in the evening… or later.
The other day I finished this adorable ink wash painting.  It is a take on memories, feelings, and “vibes” that the memories give us.  I have a few more planned.  I am looking for suggestions as well.  I am looking for mundane things that you did with your parent(s) or things you do with your kids.  Things like grocery shopping, reading, dancing, dinner time… those kinds of things.  Stuff that you did all the time, and were routine at the time, but when you think about them the make you nostalgic.
I have not scanned this yet.  I have been working on a silkscreen project that is being a bit labor intensive right now.  *eye roll* sometimes things are harder then they should be.  I probably did it to myself.

I dub thee…



Wait, when did that happen?

Knighting_Ceremony_by_SlvrStrykerMy spouse recently dubbed me a Nerd.

What is a Nerd?  Well, since I married a Geek, I have a pretty good definition, supplied by said geek. Nerds are passionate about a small group of things and are quite often introverted.  Geeks are passionate about lots of things and are often extroverted.

There is such a bad stigma on the word, Nerd.  It is almost as bad as calling someone a jock, slut, jerk or loser.  This is a case of stereotyping and judging a large group of people on a smaller, but more prominent, subgroup.  I am not a “pale kid,” dungeon dweller, egg head or anything like that.  Not many people are. Yet that is what we envision when we hear the words nerd or geek.

I did not really consider myself a nerd or geek until recently.  It is my spouses fault really.  He is a huge geek, self admitted.  Dungeon’s and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, console games, PC games, history, cars, guns and law; they all seem to fascinate him and he knows a lot about a lot.  I think that my narrower scope of interests, art, RPG style computer/console games, web design, books and, the coup-de-gras, I like to be at home, has let him dub me a nerd.  Much of these were not even a huge interest until I met him and let him get me involved in things like PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) or ECCC(Emerald City Comic Con.)

I was not always a “nerd” though, I think I have always been a bit on the geeky side. I like books, so sue me.  I think the nerdy trend happened in my teen years.  I live in the middle of nowhere.  No TV, no radio, nothing but fish, books, and video games.  Isolation in those important years altered my personality and kept me from being a cheerleader (for which I am happy about.)

I ran through the small local library first.  I even read the self-help and how-to books. Then I got to work on some video games.  The first one I remember liking (enough to remember its name even) was Crusaders of the Dark Savant.  It was hard and had pretty good graphics.  The first video game I purchased (almost all on my own) was Final Fantasy VII ($90 CAN.)  I had loved FFIV so much I wanted to buy one of the games (both are on my top 5 list of fave video games.)

You will notice that there is no mention of board games or card games.  I am not that lucky or skilled to play these and win a fraction of the time.  I avoid these due to the low chance of wining, losing all the time is not fun, nor is it educational.  I remember I once won Monopoly,  that was over 15 years ago.  I gloated for a whole day.

googlieNails, Espionage cosmetics

The Googlie Eye Minion Nail Wraps from Espionage Cosmetics. They have some super cool designs, literature, circuit boards, nebula and comic book sounds, to name a few.

I have to say that I love the Nerd/Geek culture.  The intelligent and inside jokes, silly actives and the wide variety of skills members have.  There is even a really significant female subculture within.  I get to be a geek girl and do the things that I wanted to do as a teenager.  Colors in my hair and googlie eyes on my nails.  Being a Nerd is not all bad 😉