New Button

It has been a while since I posted last.

I have been busy, busy.

I have been creating more art, of course.  I also got a bunch of prints of my existing work.  I also set up an E-Store.

My E-store is live!  I added a button in the navigation bar that will take you to it.  Please stop in and see if you like my stuff… maybe buy something *wink, wink, nudge, nudge.*

I below are my most recent creations.

The Maw, Explosive Love and Love Charm.

The Maw started as a sketch.  I liked it so much I painted it.  It is 2ft by 4ft.  I am trying to find a really cool frame for it.

The other two were done for Valentine’s Day.  I did not get my store up an running with enough time for people to order them for the holiday.  I am a bit sad about it, but it made me do what needed to be done.  I have been putting off the store for a few years.

I pushed myself really hard to get everything up and running for Valentine’s Day.  I am taking a bit of time to do nothing. Well, mostly nothing.  I am working on another Secret Language of Flowers piece.  I am just taking my time.  I am also working on another painting.  It is significantly smaller, more of a test run.  I hope that this will be something that I can put on a larger canvas.


PAX again

Time for PAX again.  This means that my art will be  on the back burner for a while.

I have been working pretty consistently on several different projects.

My focus has been loose and I have 4 things going on right now… maybe 5…  Either way, they will get done eventually.

The weather has not been helping much.  Living in an old house without AC is troublesome to say the least.  The heat saps my energy and motivation.

This is something I did for an acquaintance.  She is a pretty awesome person.  Sometimes art just happens because you find that someone inspired you to make art.  A muse of sorts.  It does not have to be a close friend or anything.  Sometimes it might even be someone you dislike.  If it motivates you to create, who or why does not really matter.


Daisy’s for a friend done in inks:)


One Flower at a Time

Busy already… or is it again?

I am working on TWO large scale drawings. The largest one is 3ft by 4ft, the largest sheet of paper I could buy at Blick.  It is intimidating to start something so large with one nib and stylus… 12sq feet is huge.  Having painted large walls and theater sets, this is not the largest project I have undertaken.  Just, teeny pen and all that paper to cover.

How does one do it?

One section at a time.

I avoid looking at the thing as a whole, as much as possible.  This section is blossoms or hair or leaves.  Nothing else exists until this section is done.  One stroke, one shape, one flower at a time.

You do have to step away from time to time to asses the drawing as a whole.  Are the parts going to come together properly?  Is this line going to meet with that line?  Are the colors going to work?  Where does this go?

It really is the same as a rough time in life.  Take it one hour, day, week, month at a time.  Do not look at the big picture.  It is immense and intimidating.  You do what you can to make it through an hour.  Then the day.  Then the week.  Soon you have made it through a whole month.  You still need to step away every so often to make sure that you are on the right path, that things are going to fit together.

Life is challenging and happens to everyone.  We all go through easy times and times that test our abilities to cope.

I have an outlet for these things.  I draw it, or representations of it.  I am very thankful for this.

Not everyone has an outlet that is healthy.  People get into drugs, sex and violence.

I know I am not equipped to help much.  I can be an ear, an arm, a rock.  Each of us can do little things to help those in our circle.  In the end it is up to each person to live their life.  To draw their own picture.

Letting someone help with your drawing is hard.  You are letting someone else’s “soul” touch yours.  Even the tiniest bit of help will change your drawing.  It is hard to step away from the drawing long enough to check the progress and see if the help is working.

Yet it must be done so you can see if things are where they should be.

Work on your drawing, one flower at a time.


Hydrangeas! Lots of them. This is just one corner. I just started planning out the 1/3rd of the drawing.


Where Have I Been?

Going bananas, is where.

In the past two weeks I have done a large drawing, lost my admin account on my computer, had a break down, changed my sleep schedule and did more drawing…

Like I said bananas, crazy, or whatever you want to call it.

I will be posting pictures of the large drawing when I am able to get some decent photos of it.  It is to big for me to take photos of on my own, about 3 ft x 3.5 ft, the largest sheet of paper I could easily get my hands on.  Despite the subject matter I like how it turned out (how often does an artist say that?)  Once I get some good photos of it I am going to add some more golds to finish it of.  Metallics just do not photograph well.

Windows 7 has done it again.  Locked me out of the primary admin account.  This has happened so many times now, it is very frustrating.  I have no clue what my spouse set the admin password as, so a new admin account is not forthcoming at the moment.  ARGH… I have stuff on that account that I would like to work on.

I had a bunch of people coming over to crash at the house a few weeks ago.  I spent so much time cleaning, in the heat (it was over 90f in the house.)  I snapped.  I could not clean anymore.  I just stopped functioning for a while, and was a bad host.  That weekend was one of the worst I have had in a while.  Hot, tired, angry, playing host to a few friends. I feel kind of bad, but one can only do so much before they reach the end of their proverbial rope.

To deal with said heat I have altered my sleep schedule.  I am not sure if it is good yet, but I can draw, exercise and do a few chores without getting heat stress or heat stroke.  That is a big plus in my book.

I have two drawings for you today.

I bought some Gelly Roll gel pens and have been playing with them.  Inspired by an artist I follow in Instagram (@katyanngilmore if you want to check it out.)  Like most new media, I start off with flowers and I will work my way to more challenging things as I get used to the pens.  I have already learned a few things.

1. Drying is important

2. They do blend!  Just be quick about it.


This is the first attempt. I used silver to make the highlights really ‘shine.’ hahaha, so bad


This is the second drawing. I like shiny things so I did a layer of silver over the highlights of the white flowers and gold for anything that was yellow (or green as in the case of the leaves)

All in the Mix

No one is just one label.
We are not only male, female, teacher, student, musician, artist, employee or boss. We are all a mix.
Today’s drawing is an attempt to reconcile the nerd in me with the girlie in me.
May the fourth be with you.

Easter Doodles

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.  Happy cheap candy day – or – happy Sunday to those who do not.

I did not forget to post a daily doodle on Friday.  I was so tired I fell asleep when I got home.  I did a doodle, but it is unfinished and I did not want to post it.

Instead of one drawing you get three.  I have been busy today!

Random flower I found on the internet.  No useful file name to help identify it, and the attached Pintrest account was no help.  Lots of little dots aka Stippling!

Random flower I found on the internet. No useful file name to help identify it, and the attached Pintrest account was no help. Lots of little dots AKA Stippling!


Playing with the Picasa picture editor. The inverted version of the stippled flower is very neat. ^-^


Happy Easter, Fluffy bunny in a basket. I used by new Pentel Color Brush for the bunny. I think it turned out alright.